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To not be able to just suck it up?

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scampimom Sat 13-Aug-16 23:14:58

GNARGH! I love my job, but just recently a new boss has come in from another company. He's not too bad, and hasn't done anything wrong (which is even more galling), it's just a total personality clash between me and him, and now the job I love is turning into a job I don't like.

He doesn't rant and shout, it's worse than that. He's just quietly condescending, and so focused on process that all the fun is being squeezed out of what I do. I'm in a team, and he's the team leader, but where the old boss was a real inspiration and a great motivator, the new one makes me feel so de-motivated and gets me questioning my ability to even do my job.

I need to suck it up - it's me that has the problem. But while 10% of me is saying, "Now, you're being difficult, and it can't be easy for him" the other 90% of me is having a right old toddler strop about it all. For some reason I can take criticism from anyone else, but when he does it (and he does it a lot) it's a kind of "I'm not angry. Just disappointed" thing that makes me want to throw my toys out the pram.

How have other mumsnetters found their big girl pants in this situation? Or should I, as I would love to do, defenestrate the patronising fucker? It really doesn't help that he's younger than me.


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