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To think Rio has been shocking

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pleasemothermay1 Sat 13-Aug-16 09:21:39

There is hardly any one in the seats even the foot ball and brizallians love foot ball

The pools are green no one can say why I hear a rugby athlete got injured they got lost on route to the hospital in abulance 😳

There are issues with transport

The ioc have said this has been one of the most diffcult games in a long time

Even the opening was very poor I no they didn't have much money so why not just do a carnival instead they tried to copy ours though the ages sort of thing but not very well play to your strengths I think some samba and carival theam would have been awesome.

Also some govermnet staff have not been paid I fear that it's unlikely the para games will be much better
Contrast to London were there wasn't a ticket going begging even for the para games

I think it's all well and good allowing emerging countries to have this but they must be able to afford it and also show that the tickets will be pitched at a price of the avarge wage

amd also that the cost of the games is not at the expense of paying your govermnet staff there will be no legacy at least we have had the good sense to sell some of our ventunes I don't think there is any vunue sitting empty

VanillaSugar Sat 13-Aug-16 09:23:22

Oh, there's always someone to criticise hmm

insancerre Sat 13-Aug-16 09:24:34

Its about time it was binned
Its a massive waste of money

Uphegoesdownhegoes Sat 13-Aug-16 09:25:25

I thought their opening was very good. A carnival would just have been a cliché.

pleasemothermay1 Sat 13-Aug-16 09:27:10

Sorry but some of the sports are averging 500 people

Poor crowds were once again the main talking point at the Rio Olympics as the athletics got under way in pouring rain on Friday morning.

There were vast swathes of empty seats all around the Olympic Stadium for the first morning of track action, with barely a couple of thousand spectators in the 60,000-capacity venue when the session started.

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More drifted in but the feeble attendance was in stark contrast to the packed house that greeted the opening day of athletics at London 2012.

The Games four years ago were not the norm, with morning sessions at major athletics championships rarely sold out, but the turnout in Rio was still well below par.

Concern over attendances at the athletics led to Jamaica’s Usain Bolt taking to social media in a bid to sell tickets.

The turnout for the evening sessions, and in particular the sprint superstar’s 100m final on Sunday night, will prove how successful he has been.

HopperBusTicket Sat 13-Aug-16 09:29:26

I enjoyed the opening ceremony.

I think we have forgotten that London had problems - the army had to do security when G4S couldn't get it together. There were headlines about empty seats at events (yes they were sold out but loads were held for VIPs and officials from the different countries) and they ended up getting the armed forces to sit in them too.

I loved London 2012 and I think it was a great success but organising a huge event like that is always going to have some problems.

pleasemothermay1 Sat 13-Aug-16 09:29:48

pleasemothermay1 Sat 13-Aug-16 09:32:30

I don't remember watching any sport with just 500 watching

And if only Brazil would get the armed forces or schools any one to fill the seats Clair blading said there were lots of tickets still left at least in London the ones there were on sale were sold

Personally I think there most likey over priced for brizallian on the street

Snafflebrain Sat 13-Aug-16 09:34:37

I heard on the radio this week that when they won the bid they were on track to be the worlds 5th biggest economy and now at the time of the games are only around the 74th biggest. I think they're doing a good job in really tough circumstances. And the empty seats are partly due to it being an unaffordable luxury for a lot of local people and unattractive as a holiday in the current climate. It's not a fair comparison to judge it against London - that is already a giant tourist attraction and a short hop travel wise from a lot of other rich countries. It's a shame for Rio and I don't think their obvious hard work is being praised enough.

pleasemothermay1 Sat 13-Aug-16 09:35:42

These are the comparable venues at the same stage in London and Rio it's quite stark

Please look

davos Sat 13-Aug-16 09:35:58

I am sure there were news stories about empty seats in London.

pleasemothermay1 Sat 13-Aug-16 09:38:55

It's not them I blame I personally think there were doubts they could deliver for years ago and the ioc should be demanding a costed plan that is indepetntly looked at its not fair for the people

There poor suffer so much what are they getting out of this it's not like here your right the govermnet staff still got paid

anorakgirl Sat 13-Aug-16 09:39:31

I remember seeing stories about empty/unsold tickets at London, and all the bad press about G4S. Every Olympics will be criticised about something!

pleasemothermay1 Sat 13-Aug-16 09:40:02

It was the seats for the vip people not the fact they could sell the tickets

Of give them away in Rio case

AllMyBestFriendsAreMetalheads Sat 13-Aug-16 09:40:44

I saw a brief clip of the Brazilian men's football team playing and there looked to be plenty of people in the stadium. Although I think there's been a bit of a dip in interest in the national team since that thumping they got off Germany in the world cup 2 years ago.

The people I knew going to events in London were often going to multiple events, most people bought at least 2 lots of tickets. I have no idea if this has been the same for Brazilians.

Then there's the Zika virus, which must have put at least some people off travelling to Brazil.

So attendance is probably down but for a number of reasons, including the overall wealth of the country and the people living there. I don't remember how full the events were at the Athens games in 2004, but I would make a guess that there would be less people there if the games were there now. China and the UK are very wealthy countries, it's not really comparing like with like IMO.

BoffinMum Sat 13-Aug-16 09:41:40

I have noticed on the TV that there seem to be a lot of empty seats. In 2012 the only thing we could get tickets for was the Taekwondo, and only then via the German allocation. It was actually really good as we saw a country win its first ever Olympic medal and we were sitting by the Olympic family and people were in shock in a good way and some crying with joy.

TheLegendOfBeans Sat 13-Aug-16 09:42:28

What's getting to me is the regular displays of shitty behaviour

1. Booing the Russians
2. Booing the Chinese
3. Ripping up of Russian flags
4. US ladies football team captain being shitty about rightful defeat by Swedes
5. US swimming gold knocking Russian competitor into silver position being hailed as some meal victory of good over evil.

What a fucking travesty. Never known an Olympics to be so mean spirited.

BoffinMum Sat 13-Aug-16 09:43:03

Zika certainly has put us off big time.

MuffyTheUmpireSlayer Sat 13-Aug-16 09:43:18

YANBU about the opening ceremony. It was a snooze fest.

SheHasAWildHeart Sat 13-Aug-16 09:45:16

I heard they don't have enough full stops either.

pleasemothermay1 Sat 13-Aug-16 09:45:52

Also the palstians not wanting to play the Isralies and rather throwing her match


We went to watch the para games swimming and wheel chair racing believe me the only seats going begging were the VIP seats we got allocated to the front it was thrilling I just think if they can't get people to the main games there's not much hope for the para games

pleasemothermay1 Sat 13-Aug-16 09:47:00

heard they don't have enough full stops either.

i heard when people can't argue there point they play the man and not the ball

Kanga59 Sat 13-Aug-16 09:47:02

The brazilian public are not happy about all the money that their govt has spent on the games. giving them free tickets will cause problems, possibly disruption and protest

yeOldeTrout Sat 13-Aug-16 09:52:47

Green pool is due to algae, they finally confessed! And then the pool machines ran out of chemicals (long after turned green).

There was an explanation on BBC about the booing by the Brazilian fans; they are new to a lot of these sports & don't understand not taking sides. So they choose who to support & boo the opposition. It's like those noisy trumpets in South Africa, local customs.

The issues with transport in Atlanta in ... ?'96? were far worse.

The buildings left in Athens (2004?) are now housing refugees, some legacy. sad

Long has been a bit of a boondoggle. I think Brazilians are doing good job in the circs.

I bet Tokyo 2020 will be amazing, honest.

RadiatorBlues Sat 13-Aug-16 10:00:41

OP your posts have left a really bad taste in my mouth. The arrogance is really troubling.

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