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to ask about a lump

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BengalCatMum Sat 13-Aug-16 02:50:35

Please tell me a small hard lump in your groin region in the area where your leg meets your pubic region is not always cancer

I just found it sad
Will go to the doctor ASAP to check but FFS I am fed up with finding lumps.

Had a breast lump in summer so this is second this year which turned out to be fine apparently but the stress when finding one was ridiculous sad
and now I have a new one.... WHYYYYYY! angry

ImissGrannyW Sat 13-Aug-16 02:53:24

probably a cyst. Get it checked, but it's most likely to be nothing. If it's something, then good you've discovered it and can get it dealt with, but emphasise - it's almost certainly nothing. Try not to worry!

Magstermay Sat 13-Aug-16 02:58:15

Could be a lymph node - there are some in your groin. They can be enlarged for all sorts of reasons but get it checked if it is worrying you.

BengalCatMum Sat 13-Aug-16 02:59:44

Thanks for your reply,
thats what they said my breast lump probably was,
I am going to turn into a cyst at this rate confused

But thank god its not the dreaded C if thats the case

Its non tender and moves about too if I push it.

BengalCatMum Sat 13-Aug-16 03:05:01

Thank you, yes I will get it checked as soon as.
Just found it one minute ago literally and while I was on here I thought the great MNers maybe could quell my fears; rather than me searching groin lumps, and getting all in a tizz wally over googles worst case scenarios!

ImissGrannyW Sat 13-Aug-16 03:07:28


When my dear dad was diagnosed with cancer, my neighbour said this to me. She said that people who post are the ones with the negative experiences, and it won't help you to read those.

Go and see a GP and get it sorted. Please don't google - you'll scare yourself shitless!

BengalCatMum Sat 13-Aug-16 03:32:03

Thanks I
Fingers crossed I will be able to change my name to CystMum;
I dont like the sound of these lymph node things

bluesbaby Sat 13-Aug-16 03:36:44

The doctor told me it's not possible to be a lymph node in that area, it's not quite the right area anatomically.

My lump is just suspected blocked hair follicle / keratin filled cyst. Apparently nothing to be concerned about in that particular area.

But please don't rely on this info, do go to a doctor, just be reassured there is a good chance you're fine.

bluesbaby Sat 13-Aug-16 03:39:02

You might just be prone to cysts... I am too. Mine also moves and isn't tender. Sortof like a hard-ish ball under the skin, I can grip it like a pea.

bluesbaby Sat 13-Aug-16 03:40:05

But don't ignore it and please see a doctor. Because I am not a doctor and no one can diagnose invisible nether regions!

BengalCatMum Sat 13-Aug-16 03:48:32

Thanks blues
Yes that is exactly what its like;
can grip it through the skin and kind of move it around

Its just annoying because I am in the middle of moving homes and I know my 'old home' doctors are so quick and fast that I should really go to the effort of a 3 hour drive to go back to visit them. Rather than register with a new possibly shit doctors.

Did you have to make repeat trips back to monitor your cyst/ hair follicle or anything?

Was it a quick, yeah seems normal, or did you have to have additional tests?

Magstermay Sat 13-Aug-16 05:15:28

I've got a cyst as well grin but not there! Hasn't been checked in years and hasn't changed. Doctors diagnosed by feel and just told me to monitor it.

Lymph nodes can be enlarged just because of an infection/ inflammation, it's their job! My son had an enlarged one in his neck for ages after a cold and the doctor had guidelines based on size etc for whether it was normal.

RosieWithTheGoodHair Sat 13-Aug-16 06:08:29

This has happened to me a few times. Lymph nodes each time. Armpits, too. First one was terrifying

Mouikey Sat 13-Aug-16 06:11:46

My newborn has this in the same place - it is her lymph nodes and they are swollen because she had a bit of an infection and then had antibiotics. That's most likely thing (esp if you have been stressed) but do go get it checked out to make sure all is well x

backtowork2015 Sat 13-Aug-16 07:56:10

Get it checked but if it's smooth, mobile and about the size of a kidney bean it is bound to be a lymph node and likely to be totally normal. I've had in in my groin for years. Dodgy lymph nodes tend to be fixed and not smooth and larger. Won't out myself but have specialist interest

BengalCatMum Sat 13-Aug-16 11:32:40

Thanks everyone,
I was going to leave the thread as didn't want to bump it as am going to try and forget about it until monday, enjoy this beautiful weekend and call GP then

But just wanted to post to say thanks for everyones reply's last night; probably would have spent all night googling if didn't have you lot.

I woke up feeling tearful about it this morning but seeing all these on here makes me realise I am being SO stupid! Its fine, keep calm, don't panic, just get it checked.

Thanks again smile <hands self grip>

Snowflakes1122 Sat 13-Aug-16 11:37:46

Have you recently had any type of infection?
I have 2 swollen lymph nodes. One by my collar bone and one behind my ear. I too was worried about cancer, as also had night sweats (that turned out to be hormone related)

I have had mine 10 years now and the specialist told me sometimes they just don't go down after infection and stay enlarged.

Do get checked out, but please be reassured it could be a just a recent/current underlying infection. flowers

Lovestonap Sat 13-Aug-16 11:40:33

Probably a femoral hernia. I had one when I was 19 and was exactly like that. Quick op to repair. No problems. Try not to worry smile

bluesbaby Sun 14-Aug-16 20:42:52

Mine was diagnosed by sight/touch - when she showed me an anatomy chart it was pretty clear that the particular area it was in, it couldn't be anything more sinister than a hair follicle blocked, fatty cyst, or just gristle (mmm!). At worst, a foreign body!
mine is where my leg joins my groin/inner bikini line sortof next to the outer labia.

bluesbaby Sun 14-Aug-16 20:48:34

Just to give you an idea of placement

BengalCatMum Sun 14-Aug-16 23:14:15

Thanks everyone, going to ring GP in the morning to get it checked.

It is in the 'crack' where my leg joins the 'triangle' IYSWIM. In the picture it looks the position of that green blob in the crack labelled 'deep femoral node'.

Thanks so much for reassuring me. Lumps can be stressy things to find; but thanks to you lot its glad to know this one sounds like will be fine grin

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