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.... Party .... Still!!!

(16 Posts)
AnotherTimeMaybe Sat 13-Aug-16 02:46:37

So next door's party kind of eased off at around 23:00 but didn't stop
Some people came out to leave half hour later but were extremely drunk and loud, took at least 20 mins for them to get in taxis and leave
Then around 00:30 another bunch came out drunk as fuck , fucking about at the front garden for half hour shouting their head on
Started to get really annoyed as youngest keeps on waking up

Then at around 01:30 here we go again another bunch came out shouting their head off for a good 20 mins and then in again
I can still hear them while I am fucking trying to sleep shouting their head off, banging doors etc If it wasn't for the kids I'd probably just put earplugs on and get on with it but the fact that I'm awake again feeding baby to relax him really pisses me off
Now contemplating calling 101, I really wouldnt want to go next door and confront a bunch of idiots
Or thinking to suck it up and complain tomorrow? Don't know what the hell to do?
Here we go they are outside again fucking losers!!!!

People next door usually quite but the mum is away this weekend so daughter (late twenties) having party


MoreGilmoreGirls Sat 13-Aug-16 02:52:19

You can try calling 101 but they may not do anything. I suggest a quiet word with the mum when she's back (she may not have known about the party and may also be returning to a trashed house so may be P'd off with the daughter already) if as you say they are normally quiet. I suggest as others on here suitable punishment tomorrow morning, very loud rock music blasted at 30 minute intervals against her bedroom wall. Feel for you it is shit and inconsiderate. Hope you get some sleep soon.

ImissGrannyW Sat 13-Aug-16 02:55:07

Do you have any hoovering to do at about 7 am tomorrow morning? Plus what MoreGilmore said about having a quiet word with mum when she's home.

AnotherTimeMaybe Sat 13-Aug-16 02:55:50

Thanks more not sure I want to bring the police on them anyway
Just went down and took a pan and banged on the wall ... Waiting to see reaction sad

chocoLit Sat 13-Aug-16 02:57:06

101. If they're not run off their feet they'll come out. You don't need to be seen or give details and they won't pass on who's reported.

Also tell the mother. Sod em

AnotherTimeMaybe Sat 13-Aug-16 02:57:34

Good idea, definitely house needs a clean and I'd love to put some rock music on while doing breakfast.... While she and her boyfriend are hangover!!!!

AnotherTimeMaybe Sat 13-Aug-16 02:59:15

choco you think? I'm contemplating that one... They are end of terrace and they will know it was me... Can't believe other neighbours not doing anything as these walkers are outside anyway...

chocoLit Sat 13-Aug-16 03:15:08

Yes. I KNOW for a fact. It's unsociable hours, the age of the party goers is in question. If they're not tied up dealing with more serious incidents (it is 3am on a Dat morning so depending on where you live they might be) they'll attend & have a word.

chocoLit Sat 13-Aug-16 03:16:01

Oh sorry I just noticed late 20s but still it's after bloody 3.15!!!

Pinkheart5915 Sat 13-Aug-16 03:40:44

I would be hoovering at 6am and listening to my radio rather loud.

Tell the Mum when she gets back, I'd want to know if my DC ( if they were old enough) had kept all my neighbours awake.

I rent out some property and 1 of the student houses I had a lot of trouble with this sort of thing last year, they thought it was acceptable to party until 4am couldn't understand why neighbours had called me to complain. I know they are young but that doesn't excuse being inconsiderate

MsJamieFraser Sat 13-Aug-16 06:46:53

101 won't do anything, most forces now won't attend for noise complaints.

you need to call your council about the issue.

ImogenTubbs Sat 13-Aug-16 07:29:55

If it's a one off, I think you're overreacting a bit. It's Friday night. But YY to hoovering early while listening to loud rock music!!!

AnotherTimeMaybe Sat 13-Aug-16 08:36:54

Well they stopped eventually a few minutes after I banged with pan pretty loud as well!!!
Daughter should have known better she has kids herself <wonder where they were last night!>

When a chap was leaving last night he said "see you next Friday again!!". That scares me tbh so will send Dh around to have a quiet word with her as her mom is probably in tomorrow

imogen I appreciate what you're saying and my tolerance was around an hour and a half but really lost it after 2am especially as they were coming out like idiots shouting heir head off

Right.. Off to put Hoover on!! Thank you all

DeathStare Sat 13-Aug-16 10:07:45

Any DIY you can do today? The loud bangy kind

Definitely tell her mum when she gets back.If someone else was partying in my house when I was away and was disturbing the neighbours I would want to know.

AnotherTimeMaybe Sat 13-Aug-16 13:13:15

Haha nearly.... Ds2 is particularly constipated and all day been screaming his head off very close to the wall ...... grin

AnotherTimeMaybe Sat 13-Aug-16 13:14:06

Yes will definitely tell the mum... Just found out she actually left the house at 11pm and left her mates there by themselves!!!

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