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Breast Cancer Care - the charity - AIBU to think this is not acceptable

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ExConstance Fri 12-Aug-16 14:22:41

This afternoon a rather abrupt man visited my office, it is a private office and part of a larger organisation. He was more pushy than a duster salesman and insisted on leaving a box full of sugary sweets and biscuits to be sold for this charity, going on about how it was in a good cause. When I looked at the box, covered in BCC logos and info I did wonder if it was a scam and called them. They told me that they get 10p for each £1 packet sold and that it was his business!!!! When I raised the question as to whether they should be flogging sugary stuff when sugar consumption and obesity are risk factors for breast cancer they said that as it was his business and he was supporting them they would continue to support him. AIBU to think we were being scammed - with the support of the charity!!

prettybird Fri 12-Aug-16 14:33:16

Wrong topic. I presume you were wanting AIBU.

whatwouldrondo Fri 12-Aug-16 14:38:39

You came to the wrong place! Should either be AIBU or if you go along to the Tamoxigang thread on general health I am sure you will get support . Nowhere is the resentment of BCC and all it's pink fluff and crap stronger than amongst those who have actually had Breast Cancer. It is a shit life threatening disease, the treatments mutilate poison and burn you and we don't need patronising or for it to be trivialised by branding it as all pink and fluffy, and indeed sugary.

However obesity and diet are just a tiny part of the tiny part of understood risk that relates to lifestyle factors. Only 5% of risk is understood and of that most is genetic. So not eating sugary things is a good idea for a lot of reasons but it will not stop you getting Breast Cancer.

If this relates to the EU Referendum thread it is that it is another example of the press skewing people's perceptions with damaging consequences - the blame culture experienced by those diagnosed, people not getting checked out because they think they are doing everything right and their risk is lessened.

ExConstance Fri 12-Aug-16 14:41:41

Thanks - have asked MNHQ to move it. Yes I also told them of the inappropriate pink and fluffy stuff.

whatwouldrondo Fri 12-Aug-16 15:56:43

They know it, I know people who are part of the organisation, as well as having sat in on focus groups and complained like yourself. However it is such a successful brand, as a result largely of it making BC a less fearful and comfortable thing for those who do not have Cancer or know people with Cancer or have lost loved ones, rather than it's relevance to the disease or those that have it. So why wouldn't they keep on with pink fluffy sweetie salesmen......

ExConstance Tue 16-Aug-16 14:35:46

He wasn't pink and fluffy he was pushy and rude. Having sought advice from my manager the box is staying in the cupboard and will be going back when he calls again. The current MacMillan adverts, which are quite raw and presumably very realistic seem to make me feel more wanting to help. I understand MacMillan sell sweets I a similar way though.

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