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To want to move back?

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Givemeabone Fri 12-Aug-16 12:27:52

Dh & I met in an area of UK. We both love the area but when we had kids we decided to move away as the schools as a whole aren't great.
Fast forward 2 years, we've bought a house in new area, dc are settled in a lovely school and the area is great. It's 3hrs away from original area.
But I find myself pining to go back to where we came from. I grew up 45mins from original area so have family closer there, I have lots of friends right through from school/uni/work/parenting. I want to move back, but I feel it's unfair on the kids. Who although they miss the original area their education is much much better here!

ABloodyDifficultWoman Fri 12-Aug-16 12:34:03

That's a tricky one. Are you maybe remembering through 'rose tinted specs'? How about spending a week there when you have some holiday time and that might give you an idea as to whether you really want to go back. You might find a visit confirms that you were right to leave.

Givemeabone Fri 12-Aug-16 12:49:16

Thanks abloody
I go back often, stay with my folks and visit old friends of mine & dcs from there. So I know that I still like the area and I love meeting up with old friends.
I think part of the problem I have is that although I have met new friends here, none of them are close that I can pop round for a brew/support/chat vice versa. The friendships are all still armslength and I don't know how to sort this

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