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Getting up with my ds

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LucyintheskywithRainbows Fri 12-Aug-16 00:36:47

Hi, this is my first ever post so please be gentle.
My ds is almost 7 and, unlike me, is an early riser. During the holidays when my dh is off they just get up and amuse themselves until I get up to. However, when my dh is at work aibu to let my ds go downstairs on his own to watch TV?

I have a medical condition that makes me extremely lethargic and I feel really ill if I don't sleep. I'm not just being a lazy moo. We do have help from dps but not everyday.

Anyway, I'd really love to hear what others think is acceptable and what you do.

OpenMe Fri 12-Aug-16 00:41:13

Yes, i think it's fine for a 7yo to go downstairs and entertain himself for a while, even get his own breakfast TBH. Less fine if he ends up spending hours on end in front of the TV.

ImissGrannyW Fri 12-Aug-16 00:42:56

Obvs, I'm a nightowl. DD (now 14) was a massively early riser. it changed when she was about 9, but up til then woke (and was so, so awake) very early. It gradually changed a bit, but she was up and awake from 4am, then 5, then 6 and eventually 7. Nothing made her sleep in - however much fresh air and exercise, no matter how late the night.

We got up with her every single time. Not to say we didn't try and get her to snuggle in with us (never worked!). Not to say we didn't sometimes doze on the sofa in a hungover/comatose state. But she never once spent time by herself.

BUT she is an only child, so it was up by herself or with us, so we got up.

They were long, painful and very tired years. She sleeps in now. We love it!

Not being judgemental about what you do, just telling you what we did.

avamiah Fri 12-Aug-16 00:43:31

What time does he get up and how long is he by himself downstairs before you get up?

Welshmaenad Fri 12-Aug-16 00:44:45

I'm in the exact same boat, DS is 6.5. I allow him to get up and amuse himself, he can make himself cereal and is quite happy to play Minecraft, read his books/comics and watch tv.

He will very quietly tap my door, stick his head in and say good morning and 'go back to sleep mum' and will wake me if he needs me.

mumtomaxwell Fri 12-Aug-16 00:46:13

My 8 yr olds get up and play with toys in their rooms - a couple of times they've been up a couple of hours before me! They don't often go downstairs but it would be fine if they did.

avamiah Fri 12-Aug-16 00:57:29

My daughter is 6 ,7 soon and I used to have this issue at the weekends .
She would be up at 7 am as that's the time she gets up for school.
So that's the last thing you need after getting up early all week , so we bought her a i touch, so she plays her games on it or watches cartoons in her bed and that buys us a couple of hours .
However if she says she's hungry then i get up and make her breakfast and lie on couch watching cartoons with her for a hour or so.
Hope this helps.

seventimes Fri 12-Aug-16 01:06:44

My 7 yr old plays by himself in his room until 7am then goes downstairs, switches off burglar alarm himself, finds breakfast and watches cartoons for an hour until I come down. He loves it because I don't like TV on so it is a treat for him and for me! I don't see any problem with it at all - I used to do the same as a child.

LucyintheskywithRainbows Fri 12-Aug-16 08:12:39

Hi everyone. Thank you for your replies. I'm very pleased to hear that I'm not doing something completely unusual.
He doesn't have TV on all of the time either (especially during term time) so he enjoys time watching "his programmes".
He generally wants to be up between 630 and 7 which is his usual regardless of time to bed etc too.
Hope you're all enjoying the summer xx

JockMonsieur Fri 12-Aug-16 08:25:26

dd2 is nearly 6, and allowed to get up when her clock shows 6.45.(sometimes she sleeps later, but not often). If I'm off work I invariably stay in bed until at least 7.30, usually more like 8.

She is allowed to watch TV and make a (plastic) cup of milk. She does need to put her head round the door and tell me that she's getting up, which means that I'm dozing rather than sound asleep.

Wellhellothere1 Fri 12-Aug-16 08:37:52

I allow my 6 year old DS to go downstairs on his own on rare occasions on weekends for an hour or so before we get up. He'll get himself some cereal and watch TV. We have a dog so it doesn't seem as if he is in his own downstairs. They cuddle on the sofa-big treat for the dog smile

Bluewombler2k Fri 12-Aug-16 08:45:33

My 6 nearly 7yo DS is the same OP and I have been thinking the same thing, except mine would be nipping back to bed when the baby falls asleep for an hour. I think we forget how quickly they mature to a point, when they start school and become more independent, your DS would probably love a bit of freedom downstairs and feel all grown up. Funnily enough my DS is still asleep due to too many late nights at his Dad's this week and I am trying to resist the urge to check on him too much in case he wakes. It feels weird grin

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