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to NOT give up on my summer-BO-armpitty tops

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stopfuckingshoutingatme Thu 11-Aug-16 10:38:40

New tops, and new dresses ALL have that mildly armpit odour. Like I have worn twice. And I don't think I am smelly, my close circle are honest people - they would tell me. I am sure confused

Is this only me? And has anyone got any fool proof tips?

I am buying white vinegar at lunchtime.

Its annoying as am skint so my 4 summers treats are ruined already !

dementedpixie Thu 11-Aug-16 10:41:38

Use a capful or 2 of zoflora in the fabric dispenser drawer. Should kill bacteria and give a nice fragrance

stopfuckingshoutingatme Thu 11-Aug-16 10:42:16

added to list. Thanks

BluePitchFork Thu 11-Aug-16 10:46:05

wash with bio powder at 40. use a long cycle with proper rinse (at least 3 rinses), check washing mashine manual.
vinegar in the softener compartment.
hang out to dry if you can.
good luck.

veryproudvolleyballmum Thu 11-Aug-16 10:47:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sgtmajormummy Thu 11-Aug-16 11:00:57

Neat vodka on a cotton wool ball dabbed on the cloth will get rid of BO on dry clean

Are you wearing artificial fibres, OP? They tend to harbour whiffs, especially as low temperature washing doesn't kill germs. Viscose is a natural fibre, so check labels.

I swear by Perspirex roll-on for sweaty pits. Another problem solved.

TheFairyCaravan Thu 11-Aug-16 11:01:28

Zoflora works really well.

When DS1 comes back from the gym I could wring his kit out it's that sweaty. I wash it on a 40 degree wash, with a capful of Zoflora. It doesn't smell at all.

90daychallenger Thu 11-Aug-16 11:05:50

Another vote for Zoflora. With my summer tops I usually hand scrub the armpits first with bio powder and zoflora in ever so slightly cooled boiling water. Then shove in a not-too-full machine on a 40 wash with a glug of Zoflora in the softener drawer.

Zoflora also works wonders for washing my stinky canvas pumps.

Ginkypig Thu 11-Aug-16 11:09:01

Can somone post a link to the correct zoflora

Iv just looked online and there is about 5 different ones blush

toadgirl Thu 11-Aug-16 11:09:45

Yes to Zoflora.

Also, wash tops on a hotter wash than usual if they can take it.

I love Mitchum as a deodorant as I sweat easily in summer.

TheFairyCaravan Thu 11-Aug-16 11:14:12

Any of the concentrated Zoflora Ginky. It's just a capful you need.

Ginkypig Thu 11-Aug-16 11:19:41

Thank you thefairycaravan

Iv looked at your link only to realise they are all the same product just different smells, silly bugger that I am grin

ItShouldHaveBeenJess Thu 11-Aug-16 11:21:51

Oh god, I get this! Thanks for the tips everyone. I once tried to do the whole 'natural deo' thing with lemon juice. I work as a cleaner and by ten a.m I was absolutely honking. Had to spray air freshener over myself!

JockMonsieur Thu 11-Aug-16 11:22:12

Ace laundry bleach works well - it's not bleach bleach, just a good stain/odour remover. i leave whiffy armpit-holes to soak in it for 10 minutes before washing.

Oldraver Thu 11-Aug-16 11:25:08

I used one of the crystal rock deo's for a while and it does stop you smelling but I had a reaction to it.

I have found a really good underarm scrub with a bar of soap (Simple)has made a difference to underarm wiff

SlinkyVagabond Thu 11-Aug-16 11:32:20

Dd has a couple of tops like that (only under one arm bizarrely), some t shirts, some just tops. I've tried the lot, vinegar, ace, zoflora, bio, non bio. It fades away then boom, it's back again.

OnceThereWasThisGirlWho Thu 11-Aug-16 11:39:10

I actually soak the armpits in vinegar and leave them like that for a couple for hrs before washing. Bio powder doesnt seem to shift it.

Sick of having to carefully buy tops that don't show sweat patches too! But no solution to that yet...

TaraCarter Thu 11-Aug-16 11:49:17

I apply baking soda to clothes before I wash them. Depending on depth of stink, I either just powder it on and leave for five minutes, or I soak the kit in water with baking soda mixed in.

Grumpyoldblonde Thu 11-Aug-16 11:56:51

This is black tops, am I right? Seems to be a weird chemical reaction between dye and skin, never found a permanent solution and I have been researching this for years, clean top, on showered and deod skin, 5 minutes and POW! you would think I was a total stranger to soap,

Struggler83 Thu 11-Aug-16 12:07:15

On a related note- does anyone know how to get that slightly yellowish staining out of armpits on cotton shirts? DP isn't especially sweaty but for some reason gets this on all his shirts -not a problem on the darker ones but it ruins the white ones. Ideas?

Grumpyoldblonde Thu 11-Aug-16 12:09:19

Struggler try soaking in Napisan

dementedpixie Thu 11-Aug-16 12:11:14

Also maybe look at what antiperspirant he is using as that can cause marks too

myownprivateidaho Thu 11-Aug-16 12:14:28

Not got any washing tips but Mitchum's deodorant/antiperspirant is the strongest I've found and pretty amazing in summer.

notarehearsal Thu 11-Aug-16 12:16:56

Pour capful of mouthwash on smelly pit. Leave for ten minutes. Wash as usual works really well

dementedpixie Thu 11-Aug-16 12:16:59

I use Mitcham roll on but don't find it much better than any of the others. Which one do you rate?

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