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To ask for ONE day without technology!!??

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user1470168439 Wed 10-Aug-16 16:45:33

My husband has spent this morning cutting the grass 'it'll only take half an hour, love' when in actual fact he longed it out for 2.5hrs. I woke up with a killer headache (which I had gone to bed with) that painkillers haven't shifted, and I've had to supervise/occupy our DD's 2 and 4 while he did it. On top of that I've done three wash loads and have been running round trying to get on top of the housework as we are just back from holiday.

This afternoon I said I needed to lay in a dark room to see if I could shift the headache, I've been up here 90mins and been interrupted by children 3 times already. Went downstairs to pop the dinner on (already made the pies and prepped the veg earlier) only to find that he's plonked himself on the XBox and the kids are entertaining themselves! He says he's only just turned it on but I suspect he did it the minute I left the room...

His track record is poor, if he's not on the Xbox it's his iPhone or the iPad playing bloody Star Wars somethingorother. The poor kids rarely see their father without his face in some sort of technology. He works hard and brings in 4 times my part time salary, and I understand that he feels he needs some downtime, but AIBU to think that this constant use of technology is disrespectful and teaches the girls that they are not as important as these games? Husband thinks it's no big deal.

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