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To wonder what people's 'hobbies' are?

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enchantmentandlove Wed 10-Aug-16 15:10:27

People are always posting about their/dh's etc mysterious hobbies on aibu, am I the only one who always wonders what they are? I seem to picture really exciting things when it's probably just train spotting or something (which I'm sure is exciting for some people!).

FithColumnist Wed 10-Aug-16 15:40:55

YABU. It's always cycling or golf. Both of which are incredibly "outing", and must therefore never me referred to directly.

Amelie10 Wed 10-Aug-16 15:42:33

grinI always wonder about this too. Along with all the sahm who run businesses from home too.

JimmyGreavesMoustache Wed 10-Aug-16 15:43:39

every bloke I know's midlife crisis has involved wetsuits and racing bikes at some point.

OdinsLoveChild Wed 10-Aug-16 15:43:51

My DH does mountain biking and least that's what he tells me he is doing hmm

PinkyPlumet Wed 10-Aug-16 15:44:27

porn springs to mindgrin

FlyingElbows Wed 10-Aug-16 15:48:24

I don't understand why people try to be mysterious. Why not just write "it's me or the bike, Aibu?" <<< this was me at 18 grin. If it's an exciting and interesting hobby why not just say so? Other people might be interested in medieval grass clippings or sunset photography of electricity sub stations!

emwithme Wed 10-Aug-16 15:48:27

FifthColumnist it's not <always> cycling or golf. Sometimes it involves horses.

My hobbies are watching shit TV in my undies and eating far too much crap food.

MumOnTheRunCatchingUp Wed 10-Aug-16 15:55:26

Well mines running.... Running alone, running races, obstacle runs,themed runs,marathons,charity runs,fun runs,running with the DC,parkrun....I love it all

Costs a bit sometimes tho. As a result all 5 of my DC are now into running too.

Dc1 is at uni and runs. Runs with her new mates and has signed up for Paris marathon. We run together when she's home

Guess it's become a family hobby nowgrin

enchantmentandlove Wed 10-Aug-16 15:59:21

I happen to love medieval grass clippings wink

Haha, at least it's not just me then! I don't know what my hobby is...cuddling my baby confused

Greyhorses Wed 10-Aug-16 15:59:33

Horses. I have been obsessed with them from being tiny, have ridden since 3 and owned 3 of my own.

Now I'm horseless as I can't afford one on maternity leave and it's killing me!

whensitmyturn Wed 10-Aug-16 15:59:39

Mine is taekwondo sometimes I go alone to classes, sometimes the dc and I go the family classes together and every few months I compete in national/ regional competitions too.
I really enjoy it even though I'm still not the 9 stone ninja I was hoping I'd become!

Out2pasture Wed 10-Aug-16 16:02:34

Beekeeping, DH has a small apiary smile

AndNowItsSeven Wed 10-Aug-16 16:03:08

I really don't get running, just as well really as I am a wheelchair user but it doesn't look exciting.

BertPuttocks Wed 10-Aug-16 16:03:24

They're a bit like those mysterious sports that the children of MNers always seem to play "at county level". No one ever says what they are.

OdinsLoveChild Wed 10-Aug-16 16:10:04


My oldest DS plays rugby at county level and my youngest DD plays Hockey at county level. My DH used to run at county level (when he was 18 - 20) and I swam at regional level (3 counties team) aged 14 - 17. HTH grin

The only thing I do at county level now is unofficial taste tester of cream cakes for the coffee shops. I try to fit a trip in to a coffee shop at least once a week, some are so bad I have to keep returning until the improve grin

enchantmentandlove Wed 10-Aug-16 16:10:23

AndNowItsSeven grin

I think I'm just nosey, and bored. DD just likes to sleep on me so I'm stuck trawling through mn wondering what all of these mysterious hobbies are. I guess that's my hobby confused

I wish I had the inclination & dedication to do some of your hobbies though! I tried netball when I was younger but I'm scares of balls coming towards me confused so that didn't really work.

BertPuttocks Wed 10-Aug-16 16:15:15

Now cream cake testing is something I could happily do at a national level. Purely for the good of the country of course. grin

hollinhurst84 Wed 10-Aug-16 16:32:28

Mine are
My horse
Aerial hoop
Pole fitness
Lifting weights

BestZebbie Wed 10-Aug-16 16:41:42

local history research/genealogy (I am researching a local village, not my own family - it did involve once taking a photo of an electricity substation though :-))
preserving historic mud walls
breeding and showing pedigree hamsters

I used to design/publish knitting patterns
I have had Pokemon Go as a new hobby for the last month or so, but have just completed all my personal goals and given it up again

RainyDayBear Wed 10-Aug-16 16:48:27

Researching my family tree, have been hooked for years smile

MumOnTheRunCatchingUp Wed 10-Aug-16 20:13:06

now with running there's really not anything to 'get'

It's fun/outdoors in fresh air.... Headphones on and it's music/ me time..... Headphones off and it's sociable

I burn calories and get /stay fit. I get an adrenaline rush. Same with crossing finishing adrenaline rush. It's rewarding training for something and beating a previous record or running through a new town. Lots to see

There's no down side at all

AyeAmarok Wed 10-Aug-16 20:14:40

Mine are tennis and running.

DP's are cycling and sailing.

mrsfuzzy Wed 10-Aug-16 20:15:58

researching family tree mine, dh's and i do in depth research for others so it's a paid hobby as well.

Tankerery Wed 10-Aug-16 20:19:35

Mine are tennis, playing online scrabble and looking at clothes that I can't afford online.

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