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Noisy neighbours?

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OhThatThingAgain Wed 10-Aug-16 01:00:51

We live in a terraced house, sound travels. It's just one of those things with old Edwardian townhouses.

We have new neighbours, the children's bedrooms adjoin their house. They have been in there a month. Not living, just renovating.

In the last few weeks we've had to ask them to be quiet after 8pm several times. I'm not talking general DIY - builders angle grinders at 10pm noise has been normal.

On Saturday we finally called the local ASBO team as the builders were working all hours and we couldn't sleep. ASBO team agreed it was unacceptable and told them to stop.

I'd already been over and explained nicely we have toddlers and that building noise after 8pm isn't good. All nice and apologetic on their side. Kind and explaining on mine. Wife was very sweet saying 'oh so sorry, we won't make noise again after 9pm'. Fine says I, although 6pm is building regs law here, I understand work needs doing when you're moving in. I thought it would be sorted by being nice.

Then last night their son was playing football off the wall at 9pm in an empty bedroom adjoining my children's rooms.

Tonight there are 3 car loads of people people shouting and laughing on the drive at midnight.

I've asked them to please be quiet, it's woken the children up (again). They've apologised and stopped, but now I'm wide awake and furious.

I want it stopped, I'm done with being polite. I guess I'm probably not BU, but maybe I'm just being a nut job neighbour and should give them a break. They have left now, they just turned up, made a racket for 30 mins and have gone back to wherever they are living now while I'm getting the children back to sleep and knowing that I'll be awake for ages sad And they'll do the same tomorrow confused

biscuitkumquat Wed 10-Aug-16 01:27:37

Have you noticed how early they get up (especially on Sunday mornings?)

I think I'd be tempted to have a word with them as early as you possibly can, regarding their unreasonable behaviour.

They might get the hint if you interrupt their sleep.

They might not be aware though how much noise travels if they're not living there full time, and it may change when they do move in.

OhThatThingAgain Wed 10-Aug-16 08:36:10

Thanks, they don't sleep there. The builders seem too. As they turn up at 2pm and work until late at night. Wife told me they can't move in until Christmas as they haven't arranged the mortgage (I think their father has paid it or there is some kind of family loan going on). Very odd.

Last night was the final straw. I politely asked them three times last week to keep the noise down at night. It culminated in calling the local council on Saturday night, who also agreed that it's unacceptable and warned them about building work at night.

Last night he just laughed at me and said 'oh it's ok, we're going in a minute'.

I feel like a drip feed here, but yesterday they also came onto our porch when we were at work and started painting the metal rails between our house and theirs (dripping lol) paint on our tiled path. I guess I could go out and paint it a different colour for a laugh (there was an old thread about a fence wasn't there?).

I feel murderous (pointless I know), I'll send DH round for a strong word today when rude man turns up. Other than that I may develop an new interest in heavy metal.

OhThatThingAgain Sun 14-Aug-16 12:56:55

Oh god it's just escalated big time. They locked their two year old out on the 2nd floor balcony, she was screaming and crying. I came home from the shops and thought the child was inside, screaming indoors. I can't see the upper balcony from our drive.

The man five doors down is sitting on his upstairs balcony was shouting at me and telling me to do something. I was like 'the kid is inside, I'm sick of their noise', he shouted no, the kid is locked out on the upper balcony, you sort it out.

Why didn't he come over and ask them to sort it instead of shouting at me? I knocked, gave them the riot act and told them not to lock their children out. I said the guy up there is shouting at me. The shouting guy just laughed and denied it all, while raising his coffee mug at us.

DH has come back and has gone to rip guy five doors down a new arsehole.

I'm selling this house, I can not take this. Last night they were shouting until 2am and blocking my double drive. DD2 is diabetic, getting an ambulance in London is like getting a lottery win, we need to have access on/off our driveway at all times.

I want to cry, my dream home has turned into a nightmare. I've just worked 20 weeks with no break to pay our mortgage and to clear our debts. Now we're stuck with these arseholes.

I wanted two weeks off to sleep and rest, instead I've got lunatics I just want two weeks sleep.

DeadGood Sun 14-Aug-16 13:00:52

This would drive me insane. Good luck with it.

The guy 5 doors down has nothing to do with you or your neighbours though, weird that you followed his orders and then used it as an argument with your neighbour.

OhThatThingAgain Sun 14-Aug-16 15:37:41

Yeah kind of weird to get involved but I couldn't see a small child locked out alone on a second floor balcony.

Coffee guy had been obviously watching this for some time, my neighbours had been ignoring it for some time and I got stuck in the middle. I wouldn't see child distressed, neighbours were angry and rude when I said 'I think your little girl is locked out upstairs?'.

Guy five doors down just raised his coffee cup, laughed and denied any knowledge? I've not even met him. He just shouted at me and I though a small child was in danger. DH told him what for and was told to get off his property. DH is not exact a knuckle dragging loon. He's probably not had fight in 30 years.

Not joking, MIL has just been blue lighted to hospital with a suspected heart attack. What else can go wrong?

I'm in bits sad neighbours two doors the other way said could I pop round as it's been very unpleasant but I'm not in the mood today.

DeadGood Mon 15-Aug-16 09:51:20

Hope you feel better today OP

Spudthecat Mon 15-Aug-16 10:38:08

Oh gosh noisy neighbours are horrible, I posted about this yesterday, I've just had a family of 5 move into the one bed flat above me!

OhThatThingAgain Mon 15-Aug-16 11:02:36

Thank you for asking.

Spud I feel your pain sad

Well I found out one of my friends killed himself on Friday. It kind of put my worries into perspective, he had two kids under two sad

Anyway on the neighbour front, my husband scared the bejeezus out of number 37 man. Who denied verbally abusing me (thinks can he shout abuse at a women but not such a big man when my DH went round), luckily I flipped my phone onto record during his rant!

NDN got it flipping nuclear from me, I went berserk. Threatened them with SS for neglect (not sure if it is, but it was worth a punt). Not a peep from them since.

I'm now planning on getting a residents association going. It's time we got these couple of families who spoil it for everyone else under control. It's best to fight back, out of 80 houses we've got two lots of idiots. I'm not backing down or moving just yet.

DeadGood Mon 15-Aug-16 12:34:06

Good for you OP, it's crap when people make other people suffer like this

Mumzypopz Mon 15-Aug-16 18:35:22

We had a similar issue, neighbours virtually gutting the place before they moved night they left their heater timer on, but had removed a radiator and there was air in the pipes....sounded like a motorbike revving it's engine all night round my head.....previous neighbours to them did banging and scrapping noises all night...

teafortoads Mon 15-Aug-16 19:29:45

Sorry you are having such a bad time of it, stuff always seems to go wrong/be mega stressful all at once. Residents group sounds like a good plan and also, get the council to install noise monitoring equipment if need be (unfortunately those sorts of ignorant scroate neighbours tend to just not give a damn who they upset and have zero standards).

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