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Perfect colleague aibu?!

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oohlalala Tue 09-Aug-16 19:55:48

I definately am, just need to vent. Do you have to work with someone whos constantly outshining your efforts? Starting to feel really rubbish about it.

PJBanana Tue 09-Aug-16 20:39:21

YANBU. I understand how you feel. I work with someone like this. We started at the company around the same time, and she always seems to want to outshine everything I do. It's become obvious to the point that other people I work with have mentioned it to me!

It's extremely annoying and can really knock your confidence. There will always be fiercely competitive people who hate to see others doing well or simply HAVE to be seen to be 'doing better' than you.

I've also learned that sometimes, people are just better at bigging themselves up than others. I inwardly cringe whenever I have to talk about my achievements in appraisals etc, whereas some people are naturally good at it so it can seem OTT to those of us who aren't like that.

Just rise above it and get on with doing the best work you can. Your efforts will be noticed smile

anyhue Tue 09-Aug-16 20:49:29

Sometimes I had the chance to work with really brilliant and outstanding people. I'd see they were really amazing (relative to me) ... I often tried to take it as opportunity to see what/how they do their work and learn from them.

oohlalala Tue 09-Aug-16 21:11:48

Thanks for responding, I was starting to feel that I was the only one who had this problem. I do actually get on well with colleague, they just appear to be finding work a lot easier than me recently, we've worked together a long while, so as you said, it does knock your confidence. Just need to knuckle down a bit and try harder I suppose.

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