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To Be In A Bit Of A Flap About Moving

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VerbenaGirl Mon 08-Aug-16 22:32:46

We really could do with more space.
Our current house is old, with all the added issues and maintenance that comes with that (which keeps us pretty busy, and often frustrated).
Next door (attached) is rented out - so our neighbours change regularly, and some have been less than ideal, although luckily the current ones are okay.
There are a few layout niggles... Front door opens directly into lounge diner, downstairs bathroom straight off kitchen, tumble drier only fits in shed at end of garden.

We have found a nice new house close by - so we know we like the location and it is still great for DCs schools.
It feels nice and as if it could be home.
Offer has been accepted, and we are on the verge of accepting an offer on ours.
Is an enviably short chain of 3.
It has the extra room we need and none of the layout niggles.
It's newer and well maintained.
It's detached.
Miraculously we can even afford it!

So why oh why do I feel in such a flap about moving?!

Suddenly I feel impossibly fond of our house.
I even cried earlier at the prospect of leaving my garden! While the estate agent was here taking pictures of our house!!

Thoughts for getting through this and not becoming a stupidly sentimental wreck about it all?

monkeysox Mon 08-Aug-16 22:44:36

Moving is stressful at any time. flowers yanbu in feeling that way. Hth.

AgentJ Mon 08-Aug-16 22:48:57

I absolutely despised our old house, literally on sight. We'd had to move quickly from abroad so sent family to view and choose for us - never, ever again! It was truly horrendous. However, when we moved away recently, I still felt a little pull of sadness - for all that I hated that house, it was still the only home my daughter had ever known, and the only one my sons remembered. We had memories, love and life tied up in the three years we spent there, and we'd decorated it to our taste etc. It was a bit sad, but we knew it was for the best. I absolutely love our new home, it's so much better for us and our quality of life has improved exponentially. It's hard, but hard doesn't always mean it's not right. You'll be fine in a new house that works better for you. smile

nutmegandginger Mon 08-Aug-16 23:41:55

We moved recently, from a flat that wasn't ideal for us at all and becoming much worse as our DD got older, to a lovely house with a garden.

Everything about the new house is better, but I still had sentimental pangs about leaving the old flat, where we first moved in together, where we were when we got married, where our baby first came home to, etc etc. I think it's normal to be sentimental, since where you live is a big part of your identity, but it doesn't mean that it's not the right decision.

Personally I find that the anticipation is worse than when it actually happens. It will be a wrench when you have your last evening, see it all packed up etc, but as soon as you're in you'll be focusing on the excitement and positives of the new place and the pang of losing the old place will fade.

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