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To ask what to do?

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TheWorriedTalrus Mon 08-Aug-16 17:55:58

Went for a chat about a role at a company about ten days ago, and they said they would contact me early last week. Last week came and went, so I emailed/called today and managed to get through to manager (v tough as they hide their details online, just have an email). This is a large company btw.

Manager tells me he's just going in a meeting to discuss it and will phone before end of today. Hasn't phoned.

What do I do?

TheWorriedTalrus Mon 08-Aug-16 18:23:02


Okay377 Mon 08-Aug-16 18:26:57

Leave it another day and if you haven't heard call again first thing Wednesday to try and catch the manager before any other meetings .

It sounds as if you just got bumped down the priority list or things overran which is frustrating but people are busy and get tied up. It may not look promising but sometimes it's the way things work. I waited 3 months to hear back if I had an interview once, and then got the job. It's hard to know without knowing what sort of role and seniority you're talking about but dont give up yet. Good luck!

RainyDaisy Mon 08-Aug-16 18:27:36

Nothing you can do but wait. Sorry

Boiing Mon 08-Aug-16 18:27:59

I think you have to wait to hear from them. I had this once - interview went great, they told the recruiter who'd arranged it that I was through to next round... Then silence, no reply to all chasing from recruiter or a tentative email from me. After a few weeks I saw in the press that they had a new hiring freeze because they were doing redundancy. Perhaps it's something like that. Obviously they couldn't have told me because it wasn't announced yet.

Stinkadoodle Mon 08-Aug-16 18:28:55

I would try wednesday for one last time then write it off. Depends how much you want the job. It doesn't sound very positive at the moment. Plus they don't sound very good to work for if they can't get back to you.

TheWorriedTalrus Mon 08-Aug-16 18:37:06

It's a post uni job, so qualified but entry level...

JeSuisLeLoup Mon 08-Aug-16 18:43:46

Wait. They might have had things to discuss today. It's not necessarily a bad thing.

Don't ring them .

However keep your options open and carry on looking elsewhere .

Atinybittiredandsad Mon 08-Aug-16 18:44:40

Yes I think it's a waiting game. Not very nice of them op and hope it's a good outcome. You never know.

BillSykesDog Mon 08-Aug-16 18:52:53

I would suspect that in these circumstances they have gone for another candidate but they haven't accepted or been through referencing etc so they're keeping you on the backburner in case things don't work out. I would say waiting until Weds is a good idea. If they've not let you know by then it would be a big red flag to me that they are prepared to muck you about, so not a great employer.

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