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To want to change career and field?

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manalice Sun 07-Aug-16 11:13:40

I'm on mat leave and considering my return to work options but if I'm honest it's making me reevaluate what I'm doing. It's my second and final child and I did go through this the first mat leave 2 years ago but returned to work for a short period as knew I wanted another child. I didn't enjoy returning really - I felt like I wasn't being challenged and it didn't feel rewarding. I'm in a sales role that I'm good at - I did a languages degree and fell into it really - it was never a burning desire. Several close family members are in security/engineering/tech/highly skilled positions and I'd love to feel like a specialist in something and would happily train but no idea what field would even consider me now. Has anyone else retrained and if so how and from what to what?

Flashbangandgone Sun 07-Aug-16 19:02:27

You only get one chance at life.... If you're unhappy with what you're currently doing, and a change wouldn't cause anything awful to be likely to happen, make the change!

DullUserName Sun 07-Aug-16 20:03:22

I went from a very specialised area of science into primary teaching.
1 - What genuinely interests you? What's your passion?
2 - Can you afford to be non-earning (while juggling child-care)?

RubbleBubble00 Sun 07-Aug-16 20:34:56

Could you use your languages, for technical sales or support?

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