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Husband rage!

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Msqueen33 Sun 07-Aug-16 08:04:19

My dh works in a busy job. I'm a sahm to three kids two with autism. I do all the cleaning and bits round the house, deal with the kids appointments etc which is fine as he works hard.

One things that bugs me is when our youngest (3, non verbal with autism) wakes 5.30/6 when he brings her down he makes no effort to keep her quiet at all. It's now gone eight and I've brought her down and she's been quiet we've not woken the lightest sleeper. But when he brings her down they're so noisy. He then says how he's so tired and how I've had a lovely lie in (I'm awake due to the noise but I stay in bed for a bit as I need a break and downtime from the kids). His comments give me the rage. I've mentioned it kindly before that whilst I appreciate him bringing her down I actually can't sleep.

I also rage that he never ever offers to make me a cup of tea. There's a few other annoying niggles that I live with including his constant tiredness and moaning. But the above is enough for now.

PurpleWithRed Sun 07-Aug-16 08:09:02

Step one - say it nicely in passing
Step two - say it clearly and as a direct request
Step three - have a meltdown

If Step three doesn't work then he's 'hearing' you but he just doesn't care. (Step 2 too really). You've both got an awful lot on your plates - do you get any downtime together?

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