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Continue working or return to FT study?

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MrsShelby Sat 06-Aug-16 14:45:21

I would like to return to full time studies in September to finish the rest of my professional exams. My progression and pay have reached a ceiling at the £50-55k mark and it is very frustrating. It will take 7 months to finish the course and then I will then be able to apply for more senior position and get paid around £65k.

In the past I have tried studying part time and working full time and it did not go well despite being good at exams. I know most people complete the exams while working full time but it is something I haven't been able to manage. The juggling was too exhausting.

DH would prefer for me to carry on working but has said he will support me whatever I decide. We have some debt( from essential house repairs not redecoration) he wants us to repay as soon as possible but I would prefer for the repayment to wait. During the full time study, DH will cover all the bills while I use my savings for course fees and expenses. I have looked into part time work but the pay is awful and the the roles are permanent. So not keen on getting hired and then telling the company adios in 7/8 months time.

Also we want to start trying for a baby ( I am mid thirties) so a little concerned that I could get pregnant during my the time studying and then won't be able to get a job when I have finished because of my bump. Also worried that the longer I leave the exams, the lower the odds of ever finishing which would be very depressing.

So should I return to full time study or AIBU?

MrsShelby Sat 06-Aug-16 15:24:10


Keen to get your thoughts on the matter.

MrsBobDylan Sat 06-Aug-16 15:29:53

You need to prioritise getting the exams done, as once you have a DC it will be so much more complicated.

Could you reduce your hours in your current role?

MrsShelby Sat 06-Aug-16 15:34:52

I have tried to reduce hours but bosses not open to the idea. They want someone full time.

RubbleBubble00 Sat 06-Aug-16 15:38:49

I would ask to reduce hours in current role or ask for 6 months unpaid leave. Get exams done perhaps trying for baby. If you get a decent maternity package then I'd stay in your current role until after baby born and you have maternity leave. Then look for a new role

aaahhhBump Sat 06-Aug-16 15:45:55

Who pay's for your course?

My work part funds my HND and I attend college one day a week during term.

As PP has said a career break might be your best route.


MrsShelby Sat 06-Aug-16 15:50:49

I currently do interim work. Current contract is ending this month but have two interviews lined up however both are full time. Not sure I would be an attractive candidate if I ask for part time hours/reduced schedule.

MrsShelby Sat 06-Aug-16 15:52:37

I am paying for the course myself.

MrsShelby Sat 06-Aug-16 19:19:40


Advice please!

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