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Portable Potty use on double yellow lines?!

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DollsHouseTales Sat 06-Aug-16 00:16:07

Today I was driving, turned off a very busy B road onto a narrow lane, which is so narrow it has double yellows on both sides of the road. It's wide enough for two cars to pass, just about. As I turned into this lane, about maybe 5m up from the main road is a car which is parked on the left side of the road (i.e. my side of the road). On the double yellows. A man (dad presumably) has got his young toddler on a portable potty. On the road, behind the car. Further down the road, (15m at most) there's plenty of parking, plus another side road which also has plenty of parking.

AIBU to think there's no excuse for finding such a poor place to whip out a portable potty?! The road is so narrow there's only a small pavement on one side of the road (not the side he chose either, the left side where he was had no pavement, just a wall).

What was he thinking?!

CoolioAndTheGang Sat 06-Aug-16 00:20:45

biscuit Yabu.
If the child is being toilet trained, they may not be able to wait to get that far. Would you rather the child wet themselves, causing them to be upset and be in wet clothes and a wet car seat? Get over it

DollsHouseTales Sat 06-Aug-16 00:24:49

Coolio Yes. I would definitely rather the child wet themselves than an accident happened by someone driving into them, someone not as careful as me. hmm

Unless you are having a bit of a Friday night joke in which case brew

MotherOfGlob Sat 06-Aug-16 00:29:33

Sounds very dangerous to me, I wouldn't have done it. But maybe he panicked?

DollsHouseTales Sat 06-Aug-16 00:37:45

Well probably you're right, Mother. It was very dangerous place to put a portable potty though!

MadamDeathstare Sat 06-Aug-16 00:59:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PollyBanana Sat 06-Aug-16 01:09:57

Very daft.
Possibly deserves a mention in the Parental Entitlement thread

Bishybishybarnabee Sat 06-Aug-16 07:16:52

YANBU - the child may not have been able to wait, but sometimes that's life. Far better a wetting accident than a car accident caused by stopping somewhere so unwise.

MrsJoeyMaynard Sat 06-Aug-16 07:19:29


Agree it's a dangerous thing to do. I know a couple of people who've lost loved ones as a result of inattentive drivers crashing into the back of cars parked / broken down on the actual road.

Personally, I'd rather deal with the consequences of my child wetting themselves sat in the car than endanger my child by putting them on a potty in the road behind a car.
We've had one or two times where DS1 wet himself in the car, but usually he managed to hold it in until we found somewhere safe to park and set his potty up (away from the road) when he announced he needed the potty in the car.

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