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Insurance claim

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MsJamieFraser Fri 05-Aug-16 07:10:01

Aibu to claim on my home insurance for my kitchen floor.

We have ceramic tiles (I think) in the kitchen.

I dropped a casserole pot from the oven which has cracked and smashed a few of the tiles...

We have accidental damage cover and I want to claim on my insurance, however dh wants to renew it ourselves at some point and does not think we should claim on the insurance just because we have the cover, however not giving me a reasonable explanation as to why we shouldn't, we pay for this service, have never claimed on insurance so my thinking is, why do we pay for the extra cover at a cost to ourselves but not use it...


HelenF35 Fri 05-Aug-16 07:11:34

A few tiles I would pay myself. Your premiums will likely rise by more overall than the cost.

MsJamieFraser Fri 05-Aug-16 07:12:20

A few pictures

ateapotandacake Fri 05-Aug-16 07:12:39

Will you not have an excess? And lose your no claims discount? Is it really cheaper would be my wondering.

neonrainbow Fri 05-Aug-16 07:13:32

I wouldn't want my premium to go up for such a small area of damage.

MsJamieFraser Fri 05-Aug-16 07:13:52

It won't be a few tiles unfortunately it would be the whole floor, as the tiles are now discontinued, we got them 10 years ago.

MsJamieFraser Fri 05-Aug-16 07:16:28

I've looked at our insurance, our excess would be £150, however claims under £800 don't affect our premiums.

If we renew the floor, your looking at £400 upwards, by the time you include fitting costs etc...

seven201 Fri 05-Aug-16 07:22:33

It really doesn't look that bad/noticeable. I would just live with it personally. If you are going to claim are you sure it would cost less than £800?

reallybadidea Fri 05-Aug-16 07:23:52

When we claimed for spilling water on a laptop it made very little difference to our premiums. We did shop around at renewal I think - nothing to stop you getting some quotes online with and without a claim.

MsJamieFraser Fri 05-Aug-16 07:27:52

The pictures don't really do it justice, however the tiles have very sharp edges, and im scared incase they cause injury to ds's feet, I've bought them slippers in the meantime but they hate wearing them.

Coconutty Fri 05-Aug-16 07:32:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

whatsleep Fri 05-Aug-16 09:30:15

We once made a claim for a damaged panel on our conservatory roof. We had tried to get a quote to have it repaired but were continually told the panels had been discontinued so we wouldn't be able to replace it. Miraculously the insurance company were able obtain a single panel that a supplier found in the back of his stock area. So you may well find that if you go through your insurance company they might actually manage to track down enough of your tiles to make the repair.

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