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AIBU to think Mumsnet is the new Facebook, but better?

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WildRoses Fri 05-Aug-16 00:08:39

I closed my Facebook account last year as I was fed up of depressive posts, complaining, pictures of people's dinner and showing off. I have to say I haven't missed it one little bit. It used to also pass me off that supposed friends would blank me if I saw them but would then write on my wall later on???!!!! I discovered Mumsnet a few months ago and absolutely love it!!! It's honest, friendly (most of the time). Always makes me laugh and is full of real people, mums, dad's relatives and friends alike whom I feel more at ease with than so called fb friends. Real life stories and opinions and people to call on in times of need. Plus none of you need to blank me in the street! Bonus. Does anyone else feel this way?

BloatyMcBloatface Fri 05-Aug-16 00:20:06

It's not new, it's not anything like Facebook but it is better. grin
I don't get much pleasure using Facebook but I certainly do with MN.

wobblywonderwoman Fri 05-Aug-16 00:20:26

I have 200 friends on fb but no one I can really talk to. Here - can be myself and get loads of advise

DrPixiePants Fri 05-Aug-16 00:21:42

Yes! I deleted Facebook last year and now scroll through mn grin

BettyDraper1 Fri 05-Aug-16 00:25:01

Yes, agree entirely. I heart MN

I wonder if Facebook is going to lose its stronghold at some point. Lots of people are ditching it but there are still billions on there. Seems passe (can't do the accent on my phone) to me now.

HyunaRiddle Fri 05-Aug-16 00:26:57

Well you can't really be yourself on Facebook, I doubt anyone would write about their family issues or anything too personal etc whereas here that barrier isn't there because we're all anonymous, we can be as truthful as we want without it affecting our real lives.

I only use FB to post pictures of my family and to keep in contact with people I don't have time for as real life is just too busy.

WildRoses Fri 05-Aug-16 00:27:52

I agree Bloaty, it's nothing like fb, not as depressing or pretentious. I also find it easier to ask advice from a load of total strangers than people I know or who knows my husband and kids. It also feels much more private than fb.

Bettercallsaul1 Fri 05-Aug-16 00:28:10

I think Facebook is ok if you don't take it too seriously - some people seem to find it more "real" than their actual life. It's as if nothing really counts unless you've told the world - or your long list of "friends" - about it. If you can see it just as a peripheral part of your life, and keep it in proportion, then it can be a positive.

TuppencePenny Fri 05-Aug-16 00:29:40

When I first found MN it changed my life- I read people's stories and day to day dilemmas and realised all my little anxieties and odd situations are actually very normal and everyone has the same kind of thing going on they just don't put it out there in public. The anonymity on here is key. I love it.

WorraLiberty Fri 05-Aug-16 00:29:53

It's a good forum, definitely.

I like Facebook too although I don't think it can be compared to any kind of chat forum really, as it's a totally different thing.

WRT Mumsnet being full of 'real people'. Yes it is, but I definitely think people would benefit more if there was more honesty here.

I think some people are afraid to admit they don't always feed their kids meals cooked from scratch, their kids do have quite a bit of screen time, they didn't manage to give up smoking the minute they pissed on a stick, they don't bake and do arts and crafts every minute of the school holidays, their kids can't swim, etc...

Don't get me wrong there are some very honest posters who don't give a shit what others think of them, but often they're jumped on for their honesty.

Whereas more honesty would be more helpful to parents who live in the real world, if that makes sense?

SomeDaysIDontGiveAMonkeys Fri 05-Aug-16 00:47:09

Oh I hope not! confused

SalemsLott Fri 05-Aug-16 00:50:00

I've never had a FB account. Mn is fab and very informative.

WildRoses Fri 05-Aug-16 00:52:31

Yes Tuppence! So true. Sometimes I felt like I was cracking up, then realised with relief I was normal, with normal kids.
Worra you are right, sometimes I read a post and have so many thoughts on it but rather than dressing it up, I say nothing at all rather than speaking my mind so as not to upset the OP. I guess that's wrong really. On the other hand though some people can be just nasty with the things they say. It's definitely keeping me sane throughout the hols.

WildRoses Fri 05-Aug-16 00:56:45

Ha ha ha monkeys. Fb is being deleted in favour of mn! (grin) (wink) (shock)

WildRoses Fri 05-Aug-16 00:57:28

Not getting my smiles to work here!

GiddyOnZackHunt Fri 05-Aug-16 01:03:08

Square brackets [ not round brackets (

WildRoses Fri 05-Aug-16 01:05:17


Thank you Giddy.

GiddyOnZackHunt Fri 05-Aug-16 01:08:42

I've used both quite successfully in tandem. You have no idea whether anyone on MN is who they say they are. FB is edited highlights of people you do know. So if your the. ILs or bowels are a problem or your nipples are shredded, MN's great but FB's the place to go when your dc have run through a meadow holding hands and looking like they may actually like each other. For once.

GiddyOnZackHunt Fri 05-Aug-16 01:09:17

That's my pleasure grin

GiddyOnZackHunt Fri 05-Aug-16 01:10:24

And off to fb to post "Great to help a new friend figure out how to smile!"...

notamummy10 Fri 05-Aug-16 01:10:59

No. I prefer Facebook (sorry), they have the Meal Deal Talk group!

WildRoses Fri 05-Aug-16 01:11:53

Ha ha ha ha. Don't think my dc have done that for quite some time Giddy. And if they have it want long enough to get a photo of it! grin

WildRoses Fri 05-Aug-16 01:12:34


WildRoses Fri 05-Aug-16 01:15:37

Awww Giddy! See, I have another new friend already. I rest my case. Mn rules.

GiddyOnZackHunt Fri 05-Aug-16 01:16:30


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