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To be hacked off with lodger?

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winkywinkola Thu 04-Aug-16 06:26:45

So we're on holiday right now. Ten days left.

We arranged with our lodger to feed our cats and let out and lock up our chickens every day.

He's just paid his rent into my account less the sum we agreed to pay him for this chores.

Aibu to be really cheesed off about this? He hasn't completed the work and rent and payment for this work are two separate issues.

CourtAgain Thu 04-Aug-16 06:29:52

It kind of makes sense. A bit annoying but minor really. Not worth stressing about.

Enjoy your holiday with the knowledge your animals are being cared for.

ThirstyNell Thu 04-Aug-16 06:33:33

I'd say that you're being quite unreasonable about this. You trust the lodger enough to let them stay in your house while you're away, and you trust them with your animals. I think you'll come across as very odd if you make a fuss over this.
Relax, enjoy your holiday, and resist the uptightness!

Amelie10 Thu 04-Aug-16 06:34:34

I can't see he did anything wrong? Just makes sense to net off everything and make one payment between you two.

lastqueenofscotland Thu 04-Aug-16 07:27:49

I think YABU just streamlines everything

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