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Terrible experience with a conservatory company....

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Whatsername17 Wed 03-Aug-16 20:01:02

We've had a conservatory fitted by a national company. They were not the cheapest, but we were happy with the price because we thought we were buying a better service. The sales guy put us off the cheaper company by pointing out that they had been in financial trouble some time ago which was true. We trusted the company and the product. Anyway, we waited 2 months before getting a start date of the 20th of June. We were told 10 days from start to finish. They built the Base and 3/4 Wall and then a couple of days later, they came back to fit the frame. They discovered the Base and wall was too small. Company apologised and we had to wait for them to reschedule correcting the work. Annoying but no big deal. When they extended the Base, DH mentioned that they hadn't extended the wall and was told that they didn't need too as it was fine. Dh voiced concerns becausr it didnt look right but was told not to worry. We were told fitters would be out the following week. Sil came to stay at the house whilst we were at work so that she could let them in. They didn't show up. Dh called and we were told there had been a mix up and the Base people hadn't logged the job as finished so the fitters didn't know to come. The frame had been left on out lawn and was killing the grass underneath. Dh asked for another date so that we could arrange someone to be in and the building manager got a bit shirty. The next week the frame was put up and the glass installed. We saw that they had bridged the gap where the wall ended and the frame began with a wide plank of wood. Dh questioned it and we were told it was on the plan and would be covered both sides with a plastic overlay. On the inside this would have looked terrible as we had three windows installed above the 3/4 Wall and the plastic would have cut in at a midpoint in the window looking very odd. We were concerned it wasnt isulated or waterproof so we checked the plan - it wasn't on the plan at all. The wall was too small and they were bodging it and trying to fob us off. Dh sent an email telling the building manager that it wasn't acceptable and asked for reassurancethat they were not going to take out our patio doors the following day as it wasn't acceptable and we didn't want to be left with our home not water tight or secure if they took the doors out. He sent the guy a text saying he'd sent an urgent email and got a curt response saying it was after 5pm and he had left work so would not respond. Sil again stayed to make sure they didn't remove the doors. The eorkmen showed up and insisted the eooden plank was fine. It then took a week of negotiations in which we had to repeatedly prove that there was no plank of wood on the original plan. We ended up telling them to take it all down before they finally agreed to replace the wood with brick and insulate it like the rest of the wall. They then removed the patio door and the lintel they put in was different to the one agreed. It looked a mess. We had planned to leave it bare brick but couldnt because the lintel was not discreet as promised. They agreed to plaster it as it was wrong. The drain pipe was really wonky and on an angle because they hadnt cut enough of the one brick border away to fit it straight. We had to battle to get them to fix it. There were clips missing which we had to wait for. There was a huge hole in our living room wall where they had removed the plaster so tap into the electricity ehich took 3 weeks to gix meaning we couldnt start decorating. The final bits were finally finished today. To add: Whilst we were on holiday they continued to email dh wanting access to the house despite us telling them we were away and couldn't access emails but would accept phonecalls. In the end, dh had to buy a data bundle and check emails daily and make and recieve phonecalls. On two occasions we had to get my mum to go to our house to let them in because they hadn't given us notice that they were going and phoned wanting access. Over the last 7 weeks dh has had to leave his classroom to answer the phone for the various issues that have cropped up at least 12 times. In the end we tweeted head office as it was the only way to get the bodged wooden plank situation resolved because they wouldn't budge. Today the local branch have asked for full payment. I asked if they were going to compensate us for the stress that we have been put under and pointed out that we have not been treated well and the building manager basically said all we have lost is time and they'd give us £200 for that. I refused it and they have asked for an itemised cost to 'quantify our losses' which they will consider. I can not tell you how stressful the whole thing has been. It's been a daily battle and almost 7 weeks for a 10 day project. I feel so disappointed and let down. It is a small project for this national company but we have extended our mortgage for this. Any advice as to what we should look for in terms of compensation? Or should we just accept the £200? Any opinions ions gratefully relieved.

Whatsername17 Wed 03-Aug-16 20:01:18


MadamDeathstare Wed 03-Aug-16 20:14:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

august2445 Wed 03-Aug-16 20:26:11

My Daughter has had all sorts of problems carrying out the loft conversion. If considering a loft conversion then I would not recommend using this outfit. Smiths of Bromley.

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