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To be concerned about this?

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ILoveSeverusSnape Wed 03-Aug-16 13:32:48

Today I received a SIM card through the post. It's from the same phone company I use, and addressed to my flat. However, it's not my name on the envelope, and I'm not expecting a SIM.
I've lived here alone for several years and never received post for this name (I'd remember, it's a weird name).
Assumed a mix up at the phone company and called them. Turns out the SIM is for a new account so they have no contact details for the person, except for my address which they were given.
Why would someone do this? It's dodgy, isn't it?

Creampastry Wed 03-Aug-16 13:34:50

Looks like someone is using your address. Destroy the sim, put it in writing to company that you and your address have nothing to do with this account.

ABloodyDifficultWoman Wed 03-Aug-16 13:39:14

It's dodgy. I had similar when bank cards started turning up for a bank I do not use - then PIN advice arrived, then 'Welcome to.....' etc. I got on to the bank concerned and incredibly they admitted to thinking it unusual but they sent them out anyway - a Debit card and a Credit card ffs. I still don't know what it was all about because they kept asking if I'd had any post go missing (errr - how would I know? grin ) but I do think you should get in touch with whoever has issued it because they can put an alert on your name - I also reported to the Action Fraud Line because they too can flag it.

Fizzielove Wed 03-Aug-16 13:49:01

I'd take a look online at your credit file to see if anyone has been using your address financially.

ILoveSeverusSnape Wed 03-Aug-16 14:17:30

How do I do that fizzie ? Googling only brings up sites you have to sign up to with a "free trial" hmm.

Sik of scummy people who rip others of and cause problems for nice normal law abiding non wankers like me. Grr.

ILoveSeverusSnape Wed 03-Aug-16 14:56:22

Have signed up to a free trial now. Not sure what I'm looking for though...

GeminiRising Wed 03-Aug-16 15:26:37

Have signed up to a free trial now. Not sure what I'm looking for though...

You need to check for any live credit accounts that you know you haven't personally opened - credit cards/loans/hire purchase accounts.

ILoveSeverusSnape Wed 03-Aug-16 20:07:53

All looks fine. Reported it to the fraud people (to get it logged, ha!).
Wondering if signing up to this thing means I'll now get a load of speculative credit offers...

Thank you.

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