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To feel miserable because I had a crap birthday?

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GoldenOrb Tue 02-Aug-16 21:36:08

Had to spend it with stbxh, my mum (who spent most of her time talking to my stbxh), and kids who had way too much screen time (thanks to my mum who was too busy taking to my stbxh to pay them any attention) so were grumpy and unreasonable.

None, not one of my friends wished me happy birthday or sent a card.

Feeling pissed off and a bit pathetic that even in my late 30s I can get upset about having a crap birthday.

DesignedForLife Tue 02-Aug-16 21:41:19

sad happy birthday! Do you have some nice wine? Time to crack it open (enjoy a glass for me, pregnant and can't drink arm)

ButtonBoo Tue 02-Aug-16 21:42:28

Happy birthday!! flowers
Treat yourself to something extra special tomorrow...

DeadGood Tue 02-Aug-16 21:43:17

Happy birthday - treat time for you tomorrow.

Onwards flowers

Lalal00p5y Tue 02-Aug-16 21:44:26

Happy Birthday!! 🎂

ChablisTyrant Tue 02-Aug-16 21:44:56

I always have a crap birthday. It is school holidays and I spend the day running after my kids and pandering to their needs for the day.

Next year is a milestone birthday and I'm going to spend the day alone in a spa looking after me!

SteviebunsBottrittrundle Tue 02-Aug-16 21:45:19

Happy birthday OP! cakewineflowers

Nooneyouwilleverknow Tue 02-Aug-16 21:47:35

My birthday is tomorrow and i already know it will be shite.

I shall be building furniture and tidying the house. Will be like any other day of the year.

I often wonder why i bother pulling out the stops for other peoples birthdays when mine is overlooked unless i plan something myself!

MapMyMum Tue 02-Aug-16 21:47:56

Happy Birthday!!!! flowerscakewine

Iamtheresurrection Tue 02-Aug-16 22:10:10

Mine was today too and a bit meh. No cards or texts from friends, seems to be unless it's on Facebook your birthday doesn't happen sad

Happy birthday.

MephistoMarley Tue 02-Aug-16 22:13:01

I'm a single parent and I spend mine just with ds. We plan a day out and have a nice, low key time. It does tend to be kid friendly but we enjoy ourselves. Try that next year?

GoldenOrb Tue 02-Aug-16 22:15:43

resurrection happy birthday for today too. Totally agree re the fb thing, it sucks sad

marley yes, the positive is that next year I won't have to endure stbxh!!!

AnneGables Tue 02-Aug-16 22:19:30

After a few crap birthdays, I plan my own now, doing things I know will make me happy.

Happy birthday and a toast for next year being a better one wine

altiara Tue 02-Aug-16 22:50:12

Happy birthday cakewine
My best birthday was having the day off work, kids were at school, and I went to the cinema by myself! Can't tell you why it was the best though - maybe just relaxed rather than 'trying' to enjoy myself

1Catherine1 Tue 02-Aug-16 22:58:38

Happy Birthday to you GoldenOrb and resurrection. It is my birthday today too!

YANBU to be disappointed by your birthday. I have learnt that if you want to have a good birthday you have to sort it yourself. You have to decide how important it is to have a good birthday and take steps to achieve it if required. I have had a number of disappointing birthdays. Last year was my 30th, hoped for someone to want to do something special for me, my family to make the effort to visit me, and my husband to take me somewhere special. Nothing, we went to the coast on a whim that morning (when I sulked) and DD played on the fair. My DH didn't even get me a gift from him or our DD.

This year, DH was given direct instructions on when he was going out to buy my gift with our DD. I also planned the day out and booked the table at the place I wanted to go. My DH (who usually forgets my birthday) was told we were having a day out and he could come or not, depending on if he was ready to go at 10:30am. I have had a lovely day, the best birthday ever in fact. I feel this is the way to go from now on. Decide you are going to have a great day and how it is going to be achieved and don't compromise. Show your Leo personality by being stubborn and refuse to accommodate people you do not care to entertain (e.g. stbxh), any other day of the year maybe, but not the 2nd of August!!

Hope next year is better! Actually, decide it will be, and make it be better!

evilharpy Tue 02-Aug-16 23:03:22

Yanbu. I've given up on birthdays. This year for my birthday I got brexit, yay.

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