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To camp in random fields without permission in England

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feellikeahugefailure Tue 02-Aug-16 14:09:19

I'm thinking about doing a solo trip around Devon and Cornwall in a car. Campsites seem expensive, you have to book and often there aren't any where I need them

I've got a pop up tent.

Would it really be so bad to just pitch it at 9pm in some quiet field out of sight (and without animals) spend the night, then come 6am pack it up and move on?

Obviously I wouldn't litter or leave any sign that I was ever there.

OreosAreTasty Tue 02-Aug-16 14:10:27

It's a bit dangerous and stupid tbh.

Newes Tue 02-Aug-16 14:10:53

Think you could get done for trespassing if anyone caught you. Unfair, I know.

OreosAreTasty Tue 02-Aug-16 14:11:21

Far nastier than it was meant to sound blush
Animals, random people etc. I'd only go camping in a proper camp site tbh (which would be somewhat regulated and other people around)
I could be wrong or OTT but it does strike me as a bit daft

feellikeahugefailure Tue 02-Aug-16 14:12:05

Trespassing is just a civil matter I thought? And you could only be charged with anything if you were doing damage?

Dangerous how?

acasualobserver Tue 02-Aug-16 14:12:54

Are there pieces of common or crown land where 'wild' camping is allowed?

Pearlman Tue 02-Aug-16 14:13:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Egosumquisum Tue 02-Aug-16 14:13:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrEBear Tue 02-Aug-16 14:14:06

Where are you planning to wash and poo? Surely it is illegal, proper camp sites are not that expensive.

Newes Tue 02-Aug-16 14:14:21

Oh, is it? They probably wouldn't take it that far then, although could order you off their land. which would be a bit of a bugger at 3am.

feellikeahugefailure Tue 02-Aug-16 14:14:29

I don't think there are in England, but i'd be happy to be proved wrong. Its a shame because in Scotland or Sweden this would be totally acceptable. But both are a bit far away.

PuppyMonkey Tue 02-Aug-16 14:15:06

DP has done this very often with no problems. smile

Nanny0gg Tue 02-Aug-16 14:15:12


Would you mind some random pitching a tent in your garden?

feellikeahugefailure Tue 02-Aug-16 14:15:42

Thanks ego, how did you find the farmers of the fields? Was it roughly booked in advance over the phone?

Nanny0gg Tue 02-Aug-16 14:16:07

Think you could get done for trespassing if anyone caught you. Unfair, I know.

Why is it unfair? It's their land!

Egosumquisum Tue 02-Aug-16 14:16:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

feellikeahugefailure Tue 02-Aug-16 14:17:16

it's pretty unreasonable - someone else's land, you have not asked permission or paid them for use of it 😕

Well who decided that the whole country should be calved up and people own land and take it away from public use? Camping in a random field is very different to being in someones garden.

WorraLiberty Tue 02-Aug-16 14:17:49

Where would you park?

Newes Tue 02-Aug-16 14:18:18

It works ok in areas where wild camping is permitted, NannyOgg and people own that land too. It seems unfair because someone pitching up for a night and removing all trace in the morning is harming no one.

ingeniousidiot Tue 02-Aug-16 14:18:28

YABU - why do you think that you're such a special snowflake and shouldn't have to pay like everybody else?

Are you going to carry around your poop in little bags?

And you will leave signs that you were there - flattened grass, possibly a tent peg or two - and yes I know that you're intending to be the perfect camper, but when it's blowing a gale and raining things get overlooked.

What happens when the farmer rocks up with a lorry load of animals in the early hours?

Are you also going to take food from shops and refuse to pay in cafes because it's too expensive?

Egosumquisum Tue 02-Aug-16 14:18:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

myownprivateidaho Tue 02-Aug-16 14:18:41

Main danger would be if the farmer rocks up at 4am with his cows. Or just spots you and comes and shouts at you I guess. I don't see anything wrong in principle with this, but agree with others that it's not the norm in this country, and landowners are likely to get annoyed on principle (with no good reason imo). Asking would be safer (surely you'd just knock on the door of the farmhouse). Or just risk it and it'll probably be fine!

BluePitchFork Tue 02-Aug-16 14:18:59

what if the farmer releases the dairy bull on your pitch at 4:30?

you do not want to share any space with a dairy bull!

MrEBear Tue 02-Aug-16 14:19:21

Actually its not legal to camp without permission in Scotland. You have freedom to roam but that doesn't extend to wild camping.

minipie Tue 02-Aug-16 14:19:37

I don't think this is remotely ok, unless you get the farmer's permission.

What about your pee/poo and damage from any campfire?

What if loads of people did this?

What if the farmer has sprayed the field with something nasty?

What if the farmer is intending to plough the field at 5am the next morning?

Where are you going to put the car - there often isn't a parking space near the field, and if there is it's usually in front of the access gate so you'd be blocking the farmer's access.

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