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To think we can manage going to London with a one year old?

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Babyzoo Tue 02-Aug-16 13:48:47

We've visited London a few times pre ds2 (me, dh & ds1) and absolutely love it.

I'd written off going again for a few years since the arrival of ds2 but I really want to go back again this Autumn.

I want to visit the Science museum so it wouldn't really be a sightseeing trip this time but a planned trip.

The baby will be 16 months.

We usually stay in a family friendly hotel on the outskirts, there's parking and it's a short walk to the tube. I'm thinking we can take a stroller and I'll just carry the baby in the sling for the tube.

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Tue 02-Aug-16 13:50:47

We've just been with a 2.8 year old and a 12 month old. It was fine!

Crunchymum Tue 02-Aug-16 13:52:21

Well I manage to live in London (zone 1) with 2 little ones. Just like lots of people do!!!

You'll be fine!

YelloDraw Tue 02-Aug-16 13:53:36

You'll be fine.

Bring a small and lightweight collapsible buggy, and use a sling for the tube if possible.

Travel outside of peak commuting times if you can as well.

Duckyneedsaclean Tue 02-Aug-16 13:54:03

Yeah, you'll be fine. I manage, as do the other hundreds of thousands of families who live here smile

Pootles2010 Tue 02-Aug-16 13:54:16

Of course you'll be fine! Especially if there's two of you. Are you going in half term? Get to museums super early if you are.

Mummaaaaaah Tue 02-Aug-16 13:55:24

is this real? what do you think people with babies who LIVE in London do on a daily basis?

Babyzoo Tue 02-Aug-16 13:55:40

Oh great what did you do there?

We've been on the London eye, Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, London Zoo, had afternoon tea, been round all of Hyde Park, been to Harrods.

Didn't fancy the Dungeons.

MojoMoon Tue 02-Aug-16 13:55:51

There lots of babies that live in London and ride the tube everyday. It will be fine. Good to have a sling but again, plenty of people manage a buggy on the tube and strangers will always offer to help you up and down stairs. avoid the worst of rush hour 730-830am and take a bottle of water on the tube if it's a warm day.

Babyzoo Tue 02-Aug-16 14:00:34

I know people live in London with babies!

It just we're visitors I think a lot of visitors find the tube quite busy and fast paced let alone with a toddler in tow.

Babyzoo Tue 02-Aug-16 14:03:50

Perhaps it's an unreasonable question. I'm sure I've seen threads in the past with people asking about taking children of all ages.

Possibly half term but maybe on a different weekend.

LuchiMangsho Tue 02-Aug-16 14:06:34

Another Londoner here. The museums will be packed and I can't imagine the Science Museum will be any different. But DS has loved it since he was a baby. I would also look for stuff to do at the Southbank Centre which has plenty of places to eat. Not sure how relaxing afternoon tea or Harrods will be with kids. Your older one might enjoy the Hop on Hop Off bus. I'm not sure who suggested you won't manage- it's fairly standard to see plenty of kids on the Tube.

Babyzoo Tue 02-Aug-16 14:10:04

Not planning Harrods or Afternoon tea this time, we did that with ds1, he was 6 at the time and we did the Charlie & the Chocolate factory afternoon tea with him.

So the Science museum is worth a visit then? It's got mixed reviews on trip advisor.

minipie Tue 02-Aug-16 14:14:15

If you have 2 adults and your DS1 is primary school age you will be absolutely fine.

Try and avoid rush hour on the tube or on the roads.

You might want reins for keeping hold of DS2 inside the museum (if he's anything like my 16 mo DD who runs and climbs everywhere)

A fold up high chair (one of those fabric ones) may be useful

The Citymapper app may be useful

Look up your journey in advance so you know whether you're going northbound, southbound, which lines, what is the terminus so you know which platform/ train to look out for. Also to check for any engineering works/line closures.

CatatonicLadybug Tue 02-Aug-16 14:32:45

Yes, you'll be fine!

The basement of the science museum has hands on things appropriate for toddlers and children. Giant water table contraption, oversized blocks, sensory room stuff. The rest of the floors are a mix and you can just target the things that might be best for your family. My DS has liked the train models that have a button you can push to make them move since he was about 1, and at 2 loves the rocket hall.

I never use a pushchair on public transport because I find a sling easier but my friend uses a giant double buggy on the tube without trouble. If you can steer around a shop with narrow aisles, you can cope on the tube.

Avoid rush hours and be fine with waiting for the next train if it's too busy. It'll only be a couple minutes and you can move to a better spot by seeing which end of the train looked less busy, as the traffic patterns remain pretty consistent.


minipie Tue 02-Aug-16 14:42:02

You might want to take a change of clothes in case your DS2 soaks himself in the basement at the Science Museum grin

Honestly you will have a ball

<starts planning trip to Science Museum>

NotCitrus Tue 02-Aug-16 14:44:18

No problem, especially outside rush hour with 2 adults.
There's buses to South Ken as well, if you want to avoid all the stairs at SK and Victoria etc.

The CityMapper app and TfL Journey Planner are your friends (latter for step-free access, former for speed)

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Tue 02-Aug-16 14:46:27

Honestly, we did it with 2 toddlers in tow (2 and a walking 1) and it was fine! One adult per child. No problems at all.

PanicHitsEarlyForMe Tue 02-Aug-16 15:01:07

Of course, why would it be a problem? Just make sure you always have your toddlers hand or have reins on him if he is a wanderer, just be extra careful in a crowd.

T0ddlerSlave Tue 02-Aug-16 15:20:45

We had a great trip when DD was about 9 months. She slept on the train in the pushchair, we saw the poppies, went on a boat ride and visited Covent Garden. Bought s lightweight pushchair that had a handy strap for carrying on public transport and when it was busy when she was in the sling.

KittensandKnitting Tue 02-Aug-16 15:23:36

Your be fine, just don't use the tube in rush hour!

MrsWombat Tue 02-Aug-16 16:02:51

Yes, you will be fine. (I have an 8 year old and a 20mo and live in one of the outer boroughs)

The garden in the basement at the science museum is wonderful for little ones. Also look at the dinosaurs at the NHM. I can also recommend the London Transport Museum, which is fairly close to the River Thames for a Thames Clipper boat ride. If you are travelling in from the outskirts of London it's sometimes worth starting your journey around 9am and paying the extra fare to get to the museums for open at 10am when it's a lot quieter. Another TFL journey planner tip is to tick the "least changes" button, as sometimes it's worth adding 5 mins to a journey if it means you don't have to change tube trains.

Babyzoo Tue 02-Aug-16 16:29:56

Brilliant, thanks for all the tips.

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