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To ask Londoners their advice on this commute?

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LumpenMonkee Mon 01-Aug-16 21:26:54

I am moving house soon and starting a new job too at the same time.

House is just over a mile away from Turnpike Lane tube station and just under a mile from Hornsey rail. Job is near Holborn Viaduct (Chancery Lane/Holborn/Farringdon all nearby).

This is my first time commuting in London... I am just wondering how realistic it sounds to walk over a mile to the tube every morning, take tube to Holborn then walk? So about 2 miles, 4 miles a day in total. Buses are available but I'm worried they'll be packed and I like fresh air in the morning anyway. I'm fairly fit and training for a 15k so the exercise will do me good.

LumpenMonkee Mon 01-Aug-16 21:28:22

I will probably be straight on the bus at the first sign of rain or worse!! I would love everyone on this thread to say that my intended plan will be ridiculously easy and I will get fit super soon?

Tiredbutfuckingfine Mon 01-Aug-16 21:31:41

Take the bus to Finsbury Park. At least that way you're heading in the direction you are going!

Doje Mon 01-Aug-16 21:34:04

Walking is the best way to do a commute! Means you're not wasting 2-3 minutes here and there waiting for trains/tube/bus.

Left London now, but I used to do a mile to the tube, then almost a mile the other end. Best commute ever. Just make sure you have a handbag sized brolly.

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Mon 01-Aug-16 21:34:28

Perfectly doable.

MisshapesMistakes Mon 01-Aug-16 21:34:44

Yeah that's an easy commute! Walk to Turnpike Lane, Piccadilly Line to Holborn. Easy.

stonecircle Mon 01-Aug-16 21:34:57

So 20 minute walk to tube station then Piccadilly line straight to Holborn? Sounds a piece of cake for London.

I do a 10 minute walk, 30 minute train then either 2 tubes or 20 minute walk to get to Holborn. Par for the course in London. Takes me an hour but I allow an hour and a half to be on the safe side.

phoolani Mon 01-Aug-16 21:37:02

Buses will be packed but that's never as bad as a packed tube. I should think you could walk it most days in a suitable pair of shoes. As long as you know you can get the bus if you need to, why not?

biddybid73 Mon 01-Aug-16 21:37:05

I would walk to Turnpike Lane then stay on the Piccadilly Lane to Holborn. Depending on what time you are travelling, you are more likely to get a seat there vs. taking a bus to Finsbury Park and getting on there.

YelloDraw Mon 01-Aug-16 21:39:24

Perfectly doable.

Wear trainers and change into work shoes when you get to the office. Even better if you can leave them at work.

But there will be times you hate it - when the weather is really bad, or you want to carry home a bag of shopping, or a large amazon parcel you got delivered to your work it is good to have an alternative bus option for those times.

LumpenMonkee Mon 01-Aug-16 21:39:24

Thanks all! Work is about 15 min walk from Holborn (near St Bride St/Fleet St) but I agree that fewest changes and no waiting around are all positives!

So total walking would be 1.2 miles then 0.8 miles on the other end, doable I think smile

emsyj Mon 01-Aug-16 21:41:31

I used to walk 3/4 mile at each end of my overground journey into London (20 mins on overground). It's fine and walking will be as quick as sitting on a bus that stops every 50 yards. This is why everyone in London wears trainers and changes into smart shoes at work!

LowAMH Mon 01-Aug-16 21:41:49

Of course walking a mile to the tube is completely doable and normal, not sure why it wouldn't be unless you have a disability.

EmpressOfTheVaginaDentata Mon 01-Aug-16 21:42:06

Sounds absolutely fine to me. I'd try a few different variations, including doing it by bus at least once in preparation for the tube being down (because it will happen).

myownprivateidaho Mon 01-Aug-16 21:42:37

I walk 2 miles to and from work (ie 4 miles total) everyday in London. It takes about 35 minutes each way. It's fine, and I do it all year round. I really like it actually, and it means I get some exercise every day. I guess if the bus is quicker for you you can get it sometimes when you just want to get home? For me public transport is no quicker though.

onwego Mon 01-Aug-16 21:43:00

Whichever way you go, it'll be fine! I'd go on the overground from Hornsey (depending on the time/frequency) and then walk to work once central. Good luck with the move and new job.

LumpenMonkee Mon 01-Aug-16 21:43:15

It's not so much the walking I have an issue with more what to do when it is hailing/raining/snowing! But I guess that's when the bus will come in handy!

HeyMacWey Mon 01-Aug-16 21:43:54

Completely do-able. You'll enjoy the walk - it's a nice way to de-stress at the end of the day.

myownprivateidaho Mon 01-Aug-16 21:44:47

I haven't got super-fit from this commute though, sadly!

sparechange Mon 01-Aug-16 21:44:50

If you are by St Brides, then look at getting the overground to Blackfriars or City Thameslink
It will only be a 5-10 min walk from there

You can get the overground between Blackfriars and St Pancras...

LumpenMonkee Mon 01-Aug-16 21:46:05

I would love to do that but sadly Hornsey trains go to Finsbury Park, Highbury and Islington and Moorgate! Annoying grin

Bekksy Mon 01-Aug-16 21:46:12

Holborn to the Viaduct is not a long walk. I think it's about half a mile and it would take 10-15 minutes. I'd be happy to do that.

EmpressOfTheVaginaDentata Mon 01-Aug-16 21:46:38

Plenty of places to pick up a coffee for the walk, too.

MackerelOfFact Mon 01-Aug-16 21:47:56

Sounds not dissimilar to my commute, which is lovely and stress-free. Cut through Lincolns Inn and it'll be a lovely walk as well!

Doje Mon 01-Aug-16 21:48:28

I used to do the 2 miles in stilettoes too. I had freakin' amazing calf muscles!

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