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How long to fit a kitchen - AIBU to want a price reduction?

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minijoeyjojo Mon 01-Aug-16 16:31:04

I am currently renovating my home, we're living on site so it's been difficult to live with the building works but we've managed. However I am having a nightmare with our kitchen company.

It's been nearly a month since the kitchen was supposed to arrive and we are missing units and all of the appliances and what is there is only partly installed. Some of the units have been built incorrectly or designed poorly - for example the units housing the integrated fridge and freezer are about 5cm too wide so they wobble. The work surface was templated over two weeks ago and I found out today (as I called the work surface company) that it's not even been ordered yet.

There has been no communication from the company and we're living out of boxes with very limited ability to cook. It was not a cheap kitchen, it's bespoke so everything should have been designed to fit perfectly.

AIBU to want a reduction on the price of the kitchen? How would I go about that?

OreosAreTasty Mon 01-Aug-16 16:37:43

I would be complaining, not so much about the length of time they've taken (unless you've been promised they were to be delivered in X amount of time- apologies if I've misread) but about the incorrect fittings

maninawomansworld01 Tue 02-Aug-16 00:23:06

Have a good moan, with a list of the points you are unhappy with.
Last time we had our kitchen done I wouldn't let them start work and disrupt the house until every single item was safely on site so there could be no 'oh we're waiting on xyz so you'll have to live in a building site until it gets here' bollocks.
Once it was all here I said 'right how long will this take' and they said 8 to 10 days (bloody big kitchen too - I reckon a normal sized one shouldn't be more than a week.) I got a schedule drawn up in writing as part of the agreement and if they had gone significantly over I'd have withheld some of the balance.

In the end they were 2 days under and did a bloody good job so the workmen got a couple of crates of beer on the last day as a thank you.
Not all builders are lazy so and so's!

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