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To think it's actually none of their business why I can't make this appointment?

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Mycatsabastard Mon 01-Aug-16 13:07:06

I was due to have an ESA assessment a couple of weeks ago. Dp had booked time off to take me but the day before, someone called to say the assessor had to cancel at short notice due to their dc being in a bad accident. I did not ask why, this information was offered to me.

I was told a new appointment would be sent out to me and if it wasn't a suitable date then I could phone to change it.

Appointment arrived today and I can't make it. I rang to make a new appointment and told the man answering the phone that the original appointment had been cancelled by them, the new one had come through but that I couldn't make it, so could I please have a new date arranged.

His reply was 'well why can't you make it?'. Surely that's absolutely none of his business? I had made arrangements based on the original date but they cancelled with less than 18 hours notice and now I'm giving them three weeks notice that I can't make it and they want to know why?

The reason I can't make it is because it's the school holidays and I cannot take DD2 (who has autism) with us so it needs to be in term time (like it originally was). He got a bit huffy and said they can't book that far in advance (although original appointment was sent out about three months prior) and will need to phone back three days before the actual appointment.

I know I am probably being a bit U but I really don't feel they need to know why I can't make this date. I really felt like saying 'well actually I'm going skydiving that day' but I don't think he would have understood low level sarcasm.

ceebie Mon 01-Aug-16 13:16:48

Oh they often get arsey. Take no notice. Just keep saying "Because I'm busy that day" and don't divulge more.

I've had them get arsey with me because they only had 3 appointment times available between June and November and none suited - apparently I shoudl keep my entire calendar clear of everything and prioritise them over everything else.

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