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cjt110 Mon 01-Aug-16 08:50:25

Pulled up at the traffic lights. Main junction. Passenger window about half down. Man wanders up to the window and says "Excuse me, I've got an awful pain in my leg and I can't afford a taxi to the Doctors. Could you take me?" I said "No, sorry" He then walked off, a slight limp but at a good speed.

WIBU to say no?

Dickcheese Mon 01-Aug-16 08:52:11

I don't think so, better to be safe than sorry if you were on your own

NapQueen Mon 01-Aug-16 08:52:30

Yanbu to refuse a lift to any stranger who asks.

I'd think on it afterwards just like you, and worry as he may well have been genuine, but I don't pick up hitchhikers whatever their reason.

Champagneformyrealfriends Mon 01-Aug-16 08:54:17

There's no way I'd have let him in the car but I just watched the new M Night Shyamalan (if that's how you spell it) trailer grin.

cjt110 Mon 01-Aug-16 09:00:49

I thought afterwards, what if his intention had been to grab whatever was on my front seat? My bag was in the boot for a change and on my seat were 2 loaves of bread.

I've recently had my passenger window fixed and had it down to about halfway. Previously when it was working I would have it down no lower than maybe a quarter - with my driver side window down to allow a breeze so to eliminate anyone being able to get things from my passenger side.

Scary shit

MrsJoeyMaynard Mon 01-Aug-16 09:02:25

I don't give lifts to strangers either.

cjt110 Mon 01-Aug-16 09:07:46

What would possess someone to ask a stranger It's just really baffled me shock

MeAndMy3LovelyBoys Mon 01-Aug-16 09:10:11

YWNBU. He could have been a perfectly normal person who wouldn't have hurt you, but you can't risk it. Your own safety comes first.

SquidgyRedBall Mon 01-Aug-16 09:14:21

How scary. I would have done the same, better to be safe than sorry

justnotaballetmum Mon 01-Aug-16 09:16:54

Oh gosh, no, you weren't.

I did have quite a frightening experience when my daughter was less than a week old and I went to some bargain supermarket - Wilkinsons or Home Bargains or something - and I was surrounded by people asking for money shock

I felt really vulnerable, holding an almost-new baby and surrounded by PEOPLE!

Nanny0gg Mon 01-Aug-16 09:21:34

Perfectly normal people wouldn't have asked.

You did the right thing.

cjt110 Mon 01-Aug-16 09:23:18

I'm glad I WIBU. He wasn't English so perhaps it's custom in his culture to do that? Really freaked me out if I'm honest and I promptly did up my windows a minute later.

MeAndMy3LovelyBoys Mon 01-Aug-16 09:23:20

Well yes, a perfectly normal person wouldn't have asked in the first place.

ButtMuncher Mon 01-Aug-16 09:23:48

Definitely did the right thing. As scare mongering as it sounds I'll never forget reading that Ted Bundy lured many of his victims by wearing a fake arm cast pleading that he needed help moving items into his car. Its bonkers as I live reasonably rurally but it's always stuck with me.

cjt110 Mon 01-Aug-16 09:32:13

So very strange. That junction is usually quite busy but what with no school traffic and also roadworks, it was pretty quiet too.

BitchPerfect Mon 01-Aug-16 09:34:17

Reminds me in my previous car all the doors locked automatically and I felt much safer.

cjt110 Mon 01-Aug-16 09:35:18

The doors do lock automatically in mine Bitch of which I'm glad about.

pudcat Mon 01-Aug-16 09:35:59

You did the right thing. It is awful to distrust people these days but there are now so many now who try to hurt others.

BillyNotQuiteNoMates Mon 01-Aug-16 10:08:47

Reminds me of the time I saw a broken down car, on a roundabout, at midnight. Lady in the front seat, trying to flag down passers by. I drove round that roundabout a dozen times before deciding to risk it. I'm glad I did, she was stranded with 2 young children, in their pyjamas, in the snow.
YWNBU but I don't know what I would have done.

Missgraeme Mon 01-Aug-16 10:34:48

Maybe next shop opt for baguette? Suitable weapon for drive- by shopping thieves!!

cjt110 Mon 01-Aug-16 10:40:52

Missgraeme grin

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