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To hope this is a phase. Please !!

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CheshireDing Sun 31-Jul-16 10:41:31

DD (nearly 5) is so ridiculously whiney it's untrue.

DD - Can I watch TV
Me - No, it's 6.30am and you have walked straight in my room and asked, we have literally just woken up
DD - Can I watch TV
Me - No, it's 5 minutes after you last asked (and continue until 7am)

Yesterday the conversations were the same but she was asking for "treats" "tv" "toys" and I kept telling her that we are out in the sunshine we can watch TV later/when it's raining, she has lots of toys at home so doesn't need any more. I don't know where the word "treat" has come from as it's not one I use but we had brunch out yesterday then later spent 3.5 hours in a playground which had bouncy castles etc and she had picnic then.

She is gorgeous, kind, lovely, breaks my heart that she is such a sweet lovely clever little girl but the constant asking for stuff/whinging/whiney is making me crazy and I end up shouting at her. I don't think she is spoilt, I do think she is lucky and definitely has more than I had when I was little but I feel like getting rid of the TV. I let them have 30 mins of it usually late afternoon, or the odd time a film if it's raining. DH and I don't really watch it nowadays as too knackered so I even thought about getting rid of it but didn't know if that would backfire when I want to watch something at Christmas.

(2 year old isn't like this so do I have it to look forward to again? ) sad

Open to ideas on how to handle it better too as I appreciate I may be doing it all wrong.

Noonesfool Sun 31-Jul-16 10:53:46

Mine does this. It makes me rage.

It's a phase.

I hope....

mummytime Sun 31-Jul-16 11:31:19

I found this a good reason to read the first Harry Potter book to all children - just reminding mine of Dudley Dursley's birthday was very good to stop my DC whining for stuff.

I also made them thank me for special days out etc.

I did allow mine more TV time than that though - although when they really annoyed me we would sometimes have screen free weeks. Which was great, but did need me to have more energy.

If your DD has been at school she might be tired, so some less active days can be good. Maybe try lying on a blanket on the grass and spotting shapes in the clouds? Or simple bird watching? Or work on a craft?
Being still and concentrating is a good skill, and relaxing. School can be very hectic.

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