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To ask how to get out of the mindset I'm in? Help!

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DreamCloud99 Sun 31-Jul-16 07:22:36

I have ME.

I'm around 3 stones overweight.

I'm so exhausted that I grab whatever is convenient and doesn't take long to cook. My meals are usually carb / refined sugar heavy.

Exercise leaves me poorly for days on end and I don't do very much moving around as I'm trying to preserve energy to get me through the day .

I feel very down about my life and the way I look lately .

I'm starting an overhaul tomorrow.

But I don't know how to get out of the carb / junk craving cycle?!

I plan to low carb for 2 weeks to get out of the cycle then switch to alternative day fasting so I can still eat within reason .

I think after 2 weeks of low carb, my body won't crave as much sugar anymore so the foods I eat on non fast days should be healthier .

Does this sound like a good plan?

Will I notice a difference in my weight and cravings early on?

Thank you smile

DeadGood Sun 31-Jul-16 07:25:43

Good luck OP - I have a sugar problem and the only thing that helps is not having it in the house - but I'm still pretty bad!

HighDataUsage Sun 31-Jul-16 07:37:49

Would fasting help you or make you evenpre tempted to indulge yourself on none fast days? Would weight watchers or similar help as you will have help and support from people in similar circumstances which would help immensely.

Try slowly replacing junk food with healthier alternatives, cutting down sugar and walking more. I can't exercise due to an old injury but I do walk several miles a day. Can you swim as thats a good all body workput without being too high impact. Whatever you do introduce it slowly, one change at a time so it's more likely to become a permanent change.

HoggleHoggle Sun 31-Jul-16 07:44:49

This might be too simplistic but can you do a weekly meal plan? Plan your lunches and dinner for 7 days, things you know you will enjoy eating but that are healthy. Then work out exactly what you need to buy and order an online shop if possible - cuts down on spur of the moment unhealthy purchases which tend to happen if you shop in person.

In terms of exercise, would a yoga/Pilates class usetoo much energy? If not, that could help exercise as well as being a source of relaxation.

Also - this might not be for you - but I have recently downloaded a mindfulness app. It has various meditations on there, and this could help increase your motivation and positive thinking? The one I use is called Stop, Breathe and Think.

DreamCloud99 Sun 31-Jul-16 07:45:49

I've tried alternative fasting before and because my general diet consists of junk , then I have tended to indulge on non fast days .

That's why I'm considering trying to beat the sugar addiction first before going back to fasting .

Unfortunately , swimming is too "high energy" for me and leaves me poorly the next day . hmm

DreamCloud99 Sun 31-Jul-16 07:46:33

The hmm face was at the idea of swimming being too much for me - not at your post highdatsusage

Jakadaal Sun 31-Jul-16 08:02:01

Have you considered clean eating? It's about cutting out refined sugar, sometimes cow dairy, processed carbs (white bead, white rice etc) there is a lot on the Internet or Facebook. I follow Helohealth or there is the Body Coach. Over the past 3 months I have weaned myself off caffeine (esp diet Coke) and have learned to eat far more healthily. Energy levels are up, I have no more 'brain fog' and am out of the sugar fix with blood sugars shooting up or crashing which leads me to binge eat junk.

EsmeraldaEllaBella Sun 31-Jul-16 08:08:20

It sounds faddy, op. And I imagine it would leave you with even less energy. Your body needs carbs.

Similarly clean eating is very faddy , cutting out food groups is not good for you!!!

I agree with pp who said about food planning. That's the most sensible, long term idea. Personally I am too greedy so didn't work for me - I've found slimming world great, doesn't cut out food groups but limits sugar with 15 syns. Have a look at the mn slimming world forum or even just the weight loss one?

Can you introduce exercise slowly? Taking the stairs, getting off bus a stop early etc. Do you think your weight is impacting on how tired it makes you, is it making your ME worse? You could speak to a dr?

Good luck op!

Unicorn1981 Sun 31-Jul-16 09:10:02

Not read whole thread but it spills like slimming world would be good for you. You can eat more or less what you like and they do some convenience meals you can get from Iceland. There are plenty of easy meals you can cook yourself too. I lost 3 stone without depriving myself. And it's fitted in really well with my dp and dd's meals too so we can all eat same thing. You also get the bonus of meeting others in the same situation.

Unicorn1981 Sun 31-Jul-16 09:11:53

*sounds like I mean! Also meant to say that when you have been doing it for a few weeks you can have 'sp days' where you have no carbs which can help. Never done them myself though but I know others have had success.

margaritasbythesea Sun 31-Jul-16 09:17:46

If you want to try low carb I would recommend having a look on the low carb section. If you look at a boot camp thread there is a spreadsheet linked to at the top. At the bottom of the spreadsheet are the rules.

Low carb is effective and healthy but the rules take a bit of getting your head around and they do need sticking to.

Come over to the support thread and introduce yourself. The posters there are utterly fab with help and support.

Once you have reached the weight you want you can begin to experiment with introducing carby foods to see how much you will tolerate without putting on weight.

It is quite friendly to the grab and run approach to eating too. Lots of my meals take five minutes to prepare.

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