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Does anyone no anything about tax credits? Payments stopped

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whatstheworstthatcanhappen1 Sat 30-Jul-16 13:15:06

I went food shopping this morning and couldn't pay for my items due to no money in the bank. I checked and my usual tax credits payment didn't go in.

I have called them and been given another number to call, they have told me they have sent me a letter to confirm the childcare I pay and I haven't responded (I haven't received this letter ) they have now said that until I send a letter headed letter from childcare provider in that I won't recieves anything and even then could take up to 6 weeks to process.

Has anyone else experienced this and got it resolved quicker? The lady wasn't very helpful and just said it was caused by me and the letter was on the system.

It's school hols and not sure what to do with the prospect of having no money for a few weeks till I at least get to payday!

mrsfuzzy Sat 30-Jul-16 13:20:32

i'd get in touch and explain the situation again and no, you haven't got the letter - things do get mislaid in the post. hope it resolves soon for you.

whatstheworstthatcanhappen1 Sat 30-Jul-16 13:25:31

Thanks, i will try them again. I did tell her I didn't recieves a letter buy she said that it is showing on the system so nothing she can do. It seems a different company from tax credits. Will ring again.

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