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Disney princess straighteners

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Toddlerteaplease Fri 29-Jul-16 12:16:03

I have just done a study day about paediatric burns. It was mentioned that some shops sell Disney hair straighteners. Obviously aimed at children. Apparently they were being sold as toys but after pressure have been moved to electrical sections and one major retailer has withdrawn them from sale. AIBU that children don't need them and they can be dangerous in the hands of adults let a lone a child! angry

BlurryFace Fri 29-Jul-16 12:44:26

My mum bought me a hair crimper when I was young, and she would crimp my hair for me on special occasions (school disco, birthday parties etc). Not usually into all that, but I really liked having my hair crimped. If it's the little girl's straighteners but mummy or daddy does it for her so she feels grown up on special occasions and tell her never to use them by herself, I don't really see the harm, to be honest.

Pootles2010 Fri 29-Jul-16 12:51:09

I totally agree with you OP - the number of kids getting burnt on their mums straighteners is terrifying, cover them in Disney and you're asking for trouble.

I get what you mean blurry, but unfortunately kids don't always do as told, and not all parents will be careful - its just asking for trouble. And thats without even getting started on a more feminist perspective...

SingingMyOwnSpecialSong Fri 29-Jul-16 12:52:14

YANBU such an unnecessary, stupid product. I looked after a 6-year-old who had them in her room. She knew not to plug them in, but a friend who was round for a play tried to use them and burnt her hand. Thankfully not badly.

PersianCatLady Fri 29-Jul-16 14:27:06

To me it seems about as sensible as putting pills in a sweet packet but telling kids that they shouldn't touch them.

Birdsgottafly Fri 29-Jul-16 15:18:06

We (70's/80's) all had our own crimpers, but from about 10, but most people had older sisters and they were shared.

I think under 10, is just asking for trouble.

I'm very for having fire guards, though, which most of MN seem not to be.

When I was dealing with paediatric casualties, there were a lot of unguarded fire accidents.

LockedOutOfMN Fri 29-Jul-16 15:30:40

If I remember correctly, and I may well not do, being old and all, but did crimpers get as hot as hair straighteners?

Whinyleonard Fri 29-Jul-16 15:32:04

Why not fire guards?

Toddlerteaplease Sun 31-Jul-16 19:17:16

I remember crimpers in the 80's but they were not covered in Disney and marketed as toys which these have.

wheresthel1ght Sun 31-Jul-16 21:03:32

They are not aimed at kids for them to use! Just a gimic to make parents buy extra pairs.

Toddlerteaplease Sun 31-Jul-16 21:11:39

They were being sold in the toy section of some retailers. Apparently they are looking at banning them.

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