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Flight changes and cost

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HexBramble Fri 29-Jul-16 09:41:29

Our family holiday return flight is quite late at night and upon making final book-in now, I can see that a much earlier return flight has been released. It's also £40 per passenger, cheaper. My DF is elderly and an afternoon flight is loads better than us hanging around all day until the later flight. We are flying with EasyJet.

Upon changing this online, EasyJet want to charge us £20 per passenger for the ammended details, but no mention given to the fact that the earlier flights will save me in excess of £240.

Is there any way around this or do I have to just suck it up and feel U?

Feedback appreciated.

HexBramble Fri 29-Jul-16 10:00:50

No one?

Too boring a thread? Not enough swearing?

Shall I get MNHQ to change title to " Fucking Livid! Fucking Flights are fucking cheaper and the fucking airline are fucking ROBBERS" ?


Spottytop1 Fri 29-Jul-16 10:02:27

Unfortunately whatever the reasons they charge their admin fee... You either need to pay up or stay as you are unfortunately.

HexBramble Fri 29-Jul-16 10:10:32

Thanks Spotty - I dont' mind paying the admin fee - their web-site explains it pretty reasonably enough. It's just there's no mention or any way of claiming back the ticket difference. Even with the admin fees, it's £120 refund, technically.

Feellikearightungreatfulcow Fri 29-Jul-16 10:13:10

So it's 40pp cheaper and they charge 20pp amendment fee?

So you are still saving 20pp?

If you can get the difference back, I would imagine they'll probably charge the amendment fee, then refund the difference later on.

I've done this before with a holiday, amended to a cheaper one, paid amendment fee but still saved but this was when I had a balance still to pay, do didn't need a refund, just paid less when balance was due iyswim

You say they didn't mention the reduced cost - did you ask/ explain that was your reason for amending?

WoahSlowDown Fri 29-Jul-16 10:31:58

Sounds like a bargain! Honestly, it seems quite cheap.

HexBramble Fri 29-Jul-16 10:39:46

Aargh frustrated!
have spent 40 minutes holding and finally got through to a really bored sounding Customer Services lady. I explained realy nicely (despite all the effing and blinding, I'm really rather nice) and she said that they didn't refund on tickets even if they were cheaper.

I went on Martin Lewis's forum this morning and so many customers have had refunds in the form of vouchers when their flights go down in price, so I also asked her about that. She checked - there was £770 difference (there 6 of us)! She then said "I have to warn you though that I'll have to cancel the entire booking and start again" (I didn't read that on the ML website) "...and you'll lose your seating allocation" (I won't be able to sit by my DC).

I asked her would she be able to check if at least the DC could sit by me and she bloody sighed and disconnected me!

I'm angry now!

TestingTestingWonTooFree Fri 29-Jul-16 10:43:12

Ring then back, hopefully they'll have kept records of your discussion so far?

Easyjet customer service were awful last time I tried them. Instead of cancelling one half of a return trip like I asked they cancelled the whole lot. I didn't need the return part as I was going elsewhere, no refund, but I was due the tax back. Said I couldn't go unless I bought a new flight. Bastards.

HexBramble Fri 29-Jul-16 10:53:49

Bloody hell - I mean, I'm happy to pay admin fees if necessary, but this woman has annoyed me. I've since been onto the 'Manage my Bookings' and it's locked from their end so I can't do anything.


Creampastry Fri 29-Jul-16 11:40:38

Did you buy their flexible ticket??

ThatsMyStapler Fri 29-Jul-16 21:45:22

I asked her would she be able to check if at least the DC could sit by me and she bloody sighed and disconnected me!

oh my god! i would be furious

ForalltheSaints Fri 29-Jul-16 22:15:46

A tweet about Easyjet if you feel they are unreasonable might work wonders.

HexBramble Sat 30-Jul-16 00:12:10

I didn't know that flexible tickets existed tbh.

I've emailed their complaints dept so whilst I won't hold my breath, I'm rather hoping for a refund Voucher. It's the only way I'll actually travel with them again, I've got to be honest.

EBearhug Sat 30-Jul-16 00:17:16

Last time I changed a flight with Easyjet, the admin fee was £30, so £20 doesn't seem so bad. But the customer service sounds like it's missing something. Whatever you might actually feel about customers, you're not meant to let on while they're on the phone to you!

HexBramble Sat 30-Jul-16 00:20:22

EBear actually I forgot to post about the admin fees. It said £18 or so on the initial screen but when it came to payment, they added another £45 pp!! We're sticking to the same flight which is a bit disappointing but never mind. We just cannot justify spending another £240 over the odds sad

ThatsMyStapler Sat 30-Jul-16 08:39:42

There are lots of different types of tickets

The first character is always a letter, and will almost always match the booking code.[3] Booking codes are the identifiers used by the airline's revenue management department to control how many seats can be sold at a particular fare level.

For example, a plane may have 25 economy seats still available and the airline may show it in a reservation system as

Y7 K5 M4 T6 E3

which indicates how many of each fare type can be reserved

EBearhug Sat 30-Jul-16 10:08:06

When you book EasyJet, you usually have the option of a fixed flight (cheaper) or flexible.

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