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To join mumsnet just to read essure stories

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elliemillie Fri 29-Jul-16 07:14:59

I am having major problems following my essure sterilisation. I can't seem to find any forums in the UK where women have had it in for longer than a year and are having side effects. So I joined mumsnet to read some positive stories about it to make me feel bit better

scaevola Fri 29-Jul-16 07:19:49

The contraception forum is here: but I don't remember many threads about Essure, as it's still not widely available on NHS.

It claims the lowest fail rate of any form of permanent removal of fertility, and the rate/severity of side effects seem no worse than those of vasectomy. Though of course the stats are no help if you're one of the ones who has them.

minisoksmakehardwork Fri 29-Jul-16 07:27:26

I think a lot of the negative stories I've seen were coming out of the US. Sorry but I'm only about 7 months in and so far I've had no concerns with mine.

elliemillie Fri 29-Jul-16 08:50:04

Thanks for pointing me to the family planning section scaevola. Its all new to me, wasn't sure where to look.☺

elliemillie Fri 29-Jul-16 09:00:28

Ah minisok I had mine done in 2013 and it was all ok until 18 moniths ago. I think the US scare stories are because they have had the procedure available longer than we have had here, so the long term effects are just beginning to show there. In the last hour I have found a facebook group for the UK and Ireland with people who have had it for a long time. It may have some of the answers I am looking for. Its a closed group so waiting to be added.☺

toribones Tue 13-Sep-16 13:49:26

There are many women in the Uk and Ireland that have had horrendous problems with Essure, myself included. I had it for 3 years before having to have a hysterectomy to remove the coils along with my tubes, uterus and cerivx. If you are having any health issues even if they seem unrelated then please do join the above mentioned facebook group as they are a fantastic support.

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