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Letting DS roam free

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LovelyBath77 Thu 28-Jul-16 16:00:58

My DS1 is 11 years old and off to secondary school after the summer. He needs to walk there through the town centre. He has up to now walked the school route with me and partly alone on the day they visited the school. He managed fine, testing us when he'd finished and was in a cafe enjoying a hot choc! So, now I'm trying giving him a bit more freedom and independance this summer holidays.

He has his phone, his wallet and keys (he has a cash card for his age which they can take out ten points at a time and has put some of his pocket money in there). So, I've told him that I trust him to go to the park or the town centre on his own or to meet his cousin / school friends for example at the cinema or shops. He already goes to the local shop for me to run errands.

We had a lot more freedom as children but we live in the town centre so I have generally been with them going out, and as we have a younger brother also he isn't ready for this yet.

Just feeling a little apprehensive today but know we need to let go as well...

Emochild Thu 28-Jul-16 16:06:10

He will be fine

datingbarb Thu 28-Jul-16 16:10:20

He will be fine just make sure he is clear and let's you know where he is going and who with.

My dd 11 starting secondary this year has been catching bus into town with friends for shopping trips/cinema etc since last summer, they are sensible have phones tell us there plans etc

My oldest dd just 13 has been doing the same since the same age, she disappeared off this morning to catch the bus into town, she is meeting 2 friends who will both join her on the same bus but at different stops, she has just called to say that she is now out of town and at one of the girls houses and will be home s bit later to get things as they are all having a 2 night sleepover---- grin

I'm pretty chilled with them going out as long as they are with friends etc, I think your doing the right thing especially if he will be having to go through town centre to snd from school, just give him advice one what to do if he gets into a situation he is uncomfortable with

LovelyBath77 Thu 28-Jul-16 16:17:17

It's good in way I think for their confidence just a bit of confidence needed for this mum haha! I was smiling and telling him I trust him and as you say about being careful and telling us where he's going while at the same time feeling very anxious!

I'm never sure what others do these days as everyone seems different- I know some (possibly overanxious) mums who walk their boys to the secondary bus stop, never letting them out of their sight...

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