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UPDATE - AIBU to ask about sweeps? TMI

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LouBlue1507 Thu 28-Jul-16 03:53:29


Hi ladies!!

Our beautiful Amelia was born today at 6:30pm following an induction! She is amazing and we are in love!!

I had a brilliant labour and the induction was no where near the nightmare I imagined!! grin

I arrived at 6:45am and given a pessary to start contractions.. It was uncomfortable, like someone cutting you with paper.. I was told at that time my cervix was unfavourable and a 3 on the bishops score table.

I had instant backache and was contracting within half an hour.. Gentle contractions nothing too painful. Went for a walk with DP and came back.

By lunchtime my contractions were painful but not unbearable (all in my back).. I used a TENS machine which only helped a tiniest bit..
Just after lunch some dickhead bloke brought a kebab and chips to eat on the ward angry It stank and made me puke my guts up!

There was a positive! I got moved to a private room hehe grin In this about 2pm my contractions were a lot stronger, I was examined again and was 2-3cm dilated, but now a 7 on the bishops score table and MW removed the pessary..

By 4pm my contractions were painful! Like ouch! They came thick and fast and I started to struggle and asked for some pain relief.
I'm given gas and air to help and oh my days! What a god send! It didn't reduce the pain so to speak but kept me calm and I was able to breathe through the contractions without having a meltdown!

At 4:30pm, I'm wheeled to the delivery suite and by 5:10 I was 7-8cm dilated!

I pushed little Amelia into this world at 6:30pm using only gas and air and 2 hours active labour! I've always been a pudding when it comes to pain but honestly labour wasn't THAT bad.. It's hard to describe but it wasn't pain but pressure I felt.. I honestly found the sweeps a worse pain!

I was very lucky and needed no help and only tore a tiny bit! No stitches! grin

Baby Amelia is doing well and I'm just shattered!

Thanks for all your support ladies! I hope other ladies enjoy my positive induction story! x

Mummyme1987 Thu 28-Jul-16 04:28:25

Congrats. So glad you had a positive experience. Enjoy your daughter, they grow up so fast. X

StackladysMorphicResonator Thu 28-Jul-16 05:33:57

Hurrah! Thank you so much for updating, what a lovely tale! flowers


rembrandtsrockchick Thu 28-Jul-16 06:08:34

Ahhh...what a lovely opening post. This has cheered me up no end. is a very clever lass.

frankie001 Thu 28-Jul-16 06:51:45


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