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to want to stay in bed until Saturday?

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FitbitAddict Wed 27-Jul-16 14:26:25

I went for a run on Sunday morning and tripped over an uneven paving slab. My left knee and elbow are badly bruised, swollen and don't have much skin left on them. My hands are grazed too. I still can't go up and down the stairs normally without a lot of discomfort.

Just now I was making potato wedges for DD's lunch and I burnt my hand on the oven tray, dropped it onto the waiting plate which smashed, sending wedges, crumbs and shards of china all over the worktop, hob and floor.

We are going on holiday on Saturday. Shall I just retire to bed now and stay there to be on the safe side? I'd like to get on the plane without any more parts of my body being sore or missing.

VioletBam Thu 28-Jul-16 00:10:41

Ooh OP! You're having one of those "in the wars" weeks.

I recently cut the tip of my finger off, then I burned my wrist badly, THEN I got tonsilitis.

I couldn't type or speak. It was awful! Stay in bed or get yourself a cotton wool onesie!

Destinysdaughter Thu 28-Jul-16 00:12:49

If it makes you feel any better OP I've currently got a flea infestation. It's horrible!!😱

PrincessIrene Thu 28-Jul-16 00:14:13

Oh no! Yes you should definitely hibernate, it's for the good of the family! grin

Hope you're feeling better soon flowers

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