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To ask you all for one song/piece of music

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scarednoob Wed 27-Jul-16 08:06:04

I need some new stuff for my iPod! What's the best song in the world and for what mood??

scarednoob Wed 27-Jul-16 08:06:58

(Oops didn't word that very well -I just mean name it so I can buy it, not asking you to give it to me!!)

TestingTestingWonTooFree Wed 27-Jul-16 08:10:01

I love "don't falter" by Mint Royale ft Lauren Laverne. It's a really happy sunny song.

Atinybittiredandsad Wed 27-Jul-16 08:13:15

'Slipping thru my fingers' but can't listen to it without uncontrollable sobs. sad

Flanderspigeonmurderer Wed 27-Jul-16 08:15:55

Waiting on the world to change by John Mayer

PaintedDrivesAndPolishedGrass Wed 27-Jul-16 08:16:10

Amon Amarth.....Warriors of the North.... Perfect for finding your fire when you find out your husband is a cheating cunt.

KoalaDownUnder Wed 27-Jul-16 08:17:36

'Central Reservation' by Beth Orton.

For when you're feeling...pensive.

timelytess Wed 27-Jul-16 08:18:34

Luka Bloom 'Love Is A Place I Dream Of', for when you're feeling soppy.

TheNaze73 Wed 27-Jul-16 08:20:20

Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack. Olden but, golden wink

SilkyGreyCat Wed 27-Jul-16 08:20:36

Showing how young I am compared to everyone here blush

Pure by The Lightning Seeds

Mine and DHs song, was playing while we signed the register at our wedding

lavenderbongo Wed 27-Jul-16 08:23:35

James - getting away with it

Great to dance around the kitchen to smile

LagunaBubbles Wed 27-Jul-16 08:24:03

Fix You by Coldplay. For all those moments in life when you're feeling unfixable.

ExcellentWorkThereMary Wed 27-Jul-16 08:24:38

Love or Money - Kristian Bush

treaclesoda Wed 27-Jul-16 08:24:55

If you're looking for heart wrenching 'Mama Said' by Metallica. Don't be alarmed if heavy metal isn't your thing, it's an acoustic type song.

ElsaAintAsColdAsMe Wed 27-Jul-16 08:25:06

Snuff by slipknot for when you are feeling like the world is against you.

Chopstick17 Wed 27-Jul-16 08:26:02

Sad Captains- Elbow for reflective mood.

PaulDacreCuntyMcCuntFace Wed 27-Jul-16 08:26:04

At the moment I really like 'Meet me in the middle' by Beverly Knight. It's insanely catchy and she has a fantastic voice. I always end up grooving along to it.

It makes me feel cheerful and upbeat.

Charley50 Wed 27-Jul-16 08:26:20

Everybody loves the Sunshine by Roy Ayers. In fact, many songs by Roy Ayers.

RuggerHug Wed 27-Jul-16 08:26:21

Imelda May Road Runner for when things are hectic

Charley50 Wed 27-Jul-16 08:26:54

For mellow moods.

Isthatwhatdemonsdo Wed 27-Jul-16 08:27:06

John Newman Love me Again and Give Me Your Love.

brodchengretchen Wed 27-Jul-16 08:27:17

State of Independence by Andrea Corr for summer luxuriating.

(A modern version of a classic. There are other versions, but for me this one gets the spaciness of it right, and leaves me with a smile.)

Chopstick17 Wed 27-Jul-16 08:29:35

BringingYoniBack Wed 27-Jul-16 08:29:40

Bright Eyes - easy/lucky/free

I can't quite describe how it makes me feel.

Champagneformyrealfriends Wed 27-Jul-16 08:33:13

O Children-Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - a strange but, to me, addictive song. Was used in one of the Harry Potter films.

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