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Hate crime/h killings

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Atinybittiredandsad Wed 27-Jul-16 00:16:30

Good that the home office and police are investigating and hard on hate crimes.

Could we please now call the cruel mysogynistic and vile murders of girls and women 'hate crimes' and drop the almost apologetic and explanatory 'honour killings'

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WorraLiberty Wed 27-Jul-16 00:28:30

Need, it's the murder of a family member (usually female) who is said to have brought shame or dishonour to their family.

YANBU at all OP.

Atinybittiredandsad Wed 27-Jul-16 00:28:40

really a twat pendant about a subject so sad, current and serious to women.

Atinybittiredandsad Wed 27-Jul-16 00:29:57

Apologies if you really didn't know Need although that beggars belief

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WorraLiberty Wed 27-Jul-16 00:36:14

OP I have to say I've never seen Need post like a twat ever, so I'm quite sure she just wanted clarification, as one person's definition might be different to someone else's IYSWIM?

WorraLiberty Wed 27-Jul-16 00:38:29

But yes, I've never really thought about this until now.

The phrase "Honour killings", sounds almost 'honourable' in itself and apologetic too.

It's out and out murder and absolutely a hate crime.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

whatamockerywemake Wed 27-Jul-16 00:39:37

Given your username and passion, OP, I hope you don't have personal experience of this.


And I do think people's views are changing on this. Certainly the whole "prevent" strategy, and this is only a teeny example, but in safeguarding procedures/policies now (where I live, if not more widely) there's a bit emphasis on "you have to stick to the law of the country you live in, not the traditions of where you're from", so I do think that pendulum is swinging.

Just5minswithDacre Wed 27-Jul-16 00:49:04

I think 'honour killing' was probably a necessary concept in the UK context, given that previously, British police and social services apparently felt obliged to stand back from 'community issues' for some reason and simply not give Asian women the full protection they were entitled to as UK citizens/residents.

But it's probably served its purpose now, you're right.

WorraLiberty Wed 27-Jul-16 00:49:52

No probs Need smile

The pendulum is kind of swinging in my area too what WRT safeguarding and policies, but I'm not so sure there is enough help for women who are brave enough to whistle blow, or to approach police with their very real fears.

I've a feeling here in London anyway, that there are plenty of strategies and policies in place, but when someone comes forward it's like 'Oh shit, what do we do now'?

It's a very difficult and complicated thing really and sadly, it often boils down to lack of resources to help these women properly.

whatamockerywemake Wed 27-Jul-16 00:55:22

Worra, I have a list of phone numbers people wanting to flee DV can ring, and at least one of them one dedicated to Muslim women (I'm PRETTY sure it's a national number, although might not be). PM me if want me to pass on details. (I also have a helpline numbers for men and gay people - support available for anyone vulnerable!)

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