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Can't stop eating as I'm sad

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Msqueen33 Tue 26-Jul-16 20:14:56

I've got three kids. Youngest two have autism. The youngest is three, non verbal, screamer, bites me frequently and is always jumping off stuff. Teamed with refusing shoes and also has an autoimmune disease which means a restricted diet. I'm beyond stressed. I'm sat in a caravan as my husband has taken the other two to a show as youngest can't cope. I don't have the energy to push her outside in a buggy and I'm just eating to fill the sadness. We only got here yesterday and I'm so miserable I want to go home. I know I'm gaining weight rapidly but I can't seem to stop eating. Dh works late during the week so I can't go out. When we go out as a family the youngest's behaviour spoils it (not her fault obviously). I really resent people with their "normal" kids and it's eating me up. Two with autism seems so so unfair. I'm tempted to go home and leave the big two here with their dad. I just can't pull myself out of this funk.

Msqueen33 Tue 26-Jul-16 20:16:13

The eating to fill the sadness is not just on holiday but at home. Youngest is running up and down the caravan screaming happy birthday or I'm not a toy.

blue2014 Tue 26-Jul-16 20:20:45

Oh love, I eat out of sadness too but your eating isn't the hardest part here - your sadness is. You sound so lost and down. I've no solution, I wish I had I just wanted you to know that I can understand why you'd feel so sad and that my thoughts are with you. Could you try counselling or a support group for mums? Or maybe MN SN board?

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