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AIBU to not know how to deal with this?

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SianiMoomin Mon 25-Jul-16 12:37:44

Playground politics angry

To keep a long story short, I try and smile and say hello to people as I drop off or pick up my children. One mum began blanking me over a year ago. I assumed I'd done something awful like not RSVP to something and thought about trying to talk to her about it. She would walk away from me if I approached her so only tried twice and then felt it was her problem and just got on with it.

If anything, things have increased recently. Other mothers blanking me, whispering about me/pointing, blocking me on FB, etc. The original mother will try and barge into me if she's passing and blocked my car in the other week. I work so am not in the playground much anyway.

Well, someone tells me that over a year ago now, she was called in to see the Head and given a dressing down because she posted photos of kids on her FB page. She has put 2 and 2 together and come out with a million. She blames me and has been telling people it was me who sent screenshots of her FB into school because I'm a governor - but it honestly had nothing to do with me, I didn't even know about it.

I couldn't care less if she wants to behave like this, but it's now clearly being spread around and is affecting my child socially. This last week of term, someone sent me a threatening message saying she knew it was me who had called social services on her family. I don't even know this person, let alone called social services on them. I assume the two things are related.

So what do I do about it? And obviously we are now on school holidays... Why won't anybody actually ask me if I did it or talk to me about it?

sigh I thought this behaviour stopped when we left school!

OhNoNotMyBaby Mon 25-Jul-16 12:42:57

When you said school gates, mothers whispering and Facebook I lost all interest...

Onedaftmonkey Mon 25-Jul-16 12:45:38

I'm completely sympathize. This type of thing has happened to me in the past. These type of bullies never change. A year ago it would've floored me. Now I say FUCK EM. Be the best mum u can. Avoid cunts like that and let them get on with their petty petty lives.
Good luck x

Meemolly Mon 25-Jul-16 12:50:28

Good grief, are they projecting much?? That is a very odd situation OP and must be awful for you, if there are definitely rumours like that flying around. Perhaps it would be worth having a word with a teacher at school just to clarify if that was what was said. It would be worthwhile to ensure that all is clear between you and the school, and maybe worry less about the vultures that appear to be circling around you in the school playground. Sometime they might actually grow up.

bumsexatthebingo Mon 25-Jul-16 13:56:16

Befriend some mum's who aren't taking part in the nonsense. And any deliberate barging I would call the police.

davos Mon 25-Jul-16 13:56:45

I wouldn't worry about the FB thing. I would have just said to the person who told me 'well it wasn't me, shame she has made the wrong assumptions'

Depending on how threatening the email was, I would be tempted to report it to 101.

FreyaFriday Mon 25-Jul-16 14:43:32

I sympathise!

When DD was in year 1, one of her friends mums, whom I considered a friend, turned against me overnight and has been a total and utter bitch to and about me ever since!

I too have had other mums blanking me, been gossiped about, and just generally had lots of school girl style crap from her.

DD has just finished primary school and I am so glad!

SquinkiesRule Mon 25-Jul-16 16:43:02

I was happy to wave bye to year 6 last week, total school yard crap I can do without. Bunch of cliquey gossips.
I'd message back, "who the hell are you and why the fuck would I report you to SS, I've never met you or reported you, look a little closer to your school yard besties"

memyselfandaye Mon 25-Jul-16 16:49:34

I would confront her, loudly and not in private, I would start by telling her to grow the fuck up.

itfcbabe Mon 25-Jul-16 16:57:26

I hated the schoolground and got hubby to puck youngest up in his break for the last 2 years.

Year 6 finished now with youngest of 6 kids, thank fuck!!!

I would have it out with the original mother saying you haven't done or said anything against her she got the wrong idea.

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