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Pores the size of saucers- help!

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poreme Sun 24-Jul-16 12:29:11

AIBU to ask if there is anything that can help with this?

I am in my late 30s, have had mild acne most of my life, though had several years in early 30s where my skin was ok. Just recently, the pores around my nose and forehead are incredibly enlarged and I have had constant breakouts. I have used prescribed acne creams (retinoid, antibiotic and salicylic acid) with varying results. Mostly these creams really dry out my skin (a known side effect) requiring me to moisturise, which doesn't help with the enlarged pores and breakouts. I won't take oral medications and am too old for the pill.

Is there a light, non-perfumed, non-greasy, non-pore blocking moisturiser that has an SPF or has this not been invented yet?

Horehound Sun 24-Jul-16 12:36:40

Will watch with interest as I the same sad

AHedgehogCanNeverBeBuggered Sun 24-Jul-16 12:36:53

If you're in your late thirties you are certainly NOT too old for the Pill. It's true that decades ago (during the 1970s) women over 35 were told not to continue taking the Pill due to an increased risk of heart disease. This has now been shown to be incorrect, unless you smoke.

If you do smoke, stopping would certainly have positive benefits for your skin.

Another thing that might work is glycolic acid peels. These can be performed at home up to a certain strength. Make sure you start with a lower concentration, as higher concentrations can lead to acid burns if your skin is not accustomed to it or you leave it on too long.

If you're well off, then I can also suggest laser skin resurfacing - pricey, but very effective.

Farfromtheusual Sun 24-Jul-16 12:37:27

It really does work smile

stopgap Sun 24-Jul-16 12:39:26

My skin type sounds like yours. My skin has a nice even tone overall, and then you come to enlarged pores on my nose, and frustrating outbreaks among my jawline when I ovulate and right before my period.

I would switch to using an oil instead of a moisturizer. It sounds counterintuitive but they are actually lighter than creams. Also, I have yet to find a sunscreen that doesn't make me break out. There are two for me that are decent: Elta MD and Skinceuticals. The latter is zinc oxide, which is the least reactive for acne-prone skin, but not good if you have olive skin or darker.

I have had the best success of all with a supplement called Clearetto, which has given me clear skin in about six weeks. You could probably get away with using saw palmetto in isolation, at similar doses. However, I know that my acne is due to a hormone imbalance, which is true of most acne that appears along the jawline. The forehead breakouts could be related to your shampoo (always go mild and sulfate-free)

Farfromtheusual Sun 24-Jul-16 12:40:09

^ also just a tip, you can ask for a mini tester from boots before splashing out on a full size one as it is expensive.

Thecatmademedoit Sun 24-Jul-16 12:51:32

I was going to recommend Porefessional like farfrom - it's great smile

bananapeanut Sun 24-Jul-16 12:54:00

I have this problem but I don't think you can change your pore size - porefessional is great though as a base for make up

poreme Sun 24-Jul-16 13:08:04

Ooh thanks for the tips. I will try to get hold of a tester for Porefessional. I haven't tried it before.
*Hedgehog I appreciate the suggestion and I know it can really help but the pill, when I have taken it, makes me feel really strange and flat so I haven't taken it in a few years and would not go back, even if I was not considered too old. I don't smoke either. I will look into glycolic peels.
I did wonder about a link with my shampoo, are there things I should know about or specific shampoos that might be better?

poreme Sun 24-Jul-16 13:15:54

stopgap did you order clearetto from the US? Or can you buy it somewhere in UK?

best ever for my skin was a foreo gadget, expensive but has made a massive difference. also DH had some clinique scuffing lotion, I stole it as it was amazing for exfoliating and brightening my skin and reducing my pores.

Charley50 Sun 24-Jul-16 13:47:33

Primer is brilliant for large pores. I haven't tried the Benefits one. I use garnier perfect blur. It's brilliant.
I also heard the Smashbox one is good but I'm happy with perfect blur.

GinAndOnIt Sun 24-Jul-16 14:01:13

My skin was always like this. Even on the pill, the breakouts would be less but pores would still be huge. I stopped taking the pill in the end (partly for the reasons you stated) and felt really sad that my skin would turn worse again.

But I have gone right down to basics, just stopped chemicals as much as possible and it's really made a difference. I exfoliate with Garnier Pure Active intensive once a week in the shower and then splash face with cold water when I get out. The rest of the time I do nothing but wash with water. I don't wear make-up at all on my face anymore (except eye makeup, lipstick etc) but twice a week I'll put a little bit of tanning moisturiser on my face to even skin tone a bit. My skin has honestly never looked better.

If I do wear make up (for a rare special occasion) I will scrub before applying, and take off as soon as I'm home with baby oil on a cotton wool pad, followed by water on a cotton wool pad (repeat until cotton pads have no makeup left on them). My bank balance is also very happy!

littleprincesssara Sun 24-Jul-16 14:36:37

The Benefit primer is excellent.

I find Body Shop's moisturisers to be pretty good on the non-greasy front and they have spf15 and spf30 versions. I've tried the vitamin C one, pomegranate one, and a seaweedy one. The vitamin C spf30 one is the best for oily skin, though maybe harsh for sensitive skin.

You probably know this already but never ever use pore strips if you're worried about large pores.

Oh, and there's a prescription acne cream called DUAC which has genuinely been a miracle cure for me, and isn't too drying. (Although I learned that it's best applied at night, due to an unfortunate incident where I went to a meeting not realising I looked like a bloody bukkake victim.)

littleprincesssara Sun 24-Jul-16 14:38:53

I forgot, weirdly one thing that really helped me was 10-0-6 lotion, that bright orange American stuff that was apparently really popular in the 1970s. I got given a sample once and now special order it from America via Amazon. But it's high alcohol I think and probably quite drying and harsh. I have tough, oily skin so it works great for me (using twice a week).

thistlescot Sun 24-Jul-16 14:52:45

I have large pores on my nose and chin and this is the best spf 30 moisturiser I've found (and I've tried a few!)

No white cast and it doesn't leave that horrible greasy feel like some do.

Ladythraps Sun 24-Jul-16 15:18:06

I use the Aldi day moisturiser. It's called Lacura Q10 and it is SPF20. I have oily skin and it is ok for me.

I have always suffered spots on my face, back and shoulders due to oily skin. After suffering a bout of stubborn dermatitis on my face, I was advised to try Sulfate free toothpaste, soap and shampoo. Since I swapped to Sodium Laurel Sulphate free products, my 30 year spot battle has ended!

I use a pure Olive Oil soap from Holland and Barrett on my skin and body. It's only about £1.29 for a huge bar. You can also get sulphate free toothpaste from H&B. I like the Dr Organics range. Plus Dr Organics do sulphate free shampoos. I have just found a brilliant sulphate free shampoo in Bodycare and also on It's Coconut Oil formula shampoo by Palmer's (the company that makes cocoa butter) and they do a conditioner too. About £3 for a massive bottle and it's lovey. The best I have tried yet. So creamy and leaves hair smooth and glossy.

I'd give the sulphate free stuff a go. It got rid of the dermatitis too. For info, Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS) is a strong degreasing agent that makes these products foam a lot. It can irritate the skin of some people and cause dermatitis and spots.

EvilTwins Sun 24-Jul-16 15:23:51

this works for me.

HandsomeGroomGiveHerRoom Sun 24-Jul-16 15:24:27

I LOVED Ten 0 Six n the 80s!

Might have to order some when I get paid.

I've used Sudocrem before as a primer blush

TheWitTank Sun 24-Jul-16 15:30:20

You can order from qvc and send it back after using if you are not satisfied -they do Benefit (it is good stuff!)

AyeAmarok Sun 24-Jul-16 15:33:34

My Clairisonic (sp?) was great for the large pores on my nose, tightened them right up in about a month.

tigerdick Sun 24-Jul-16 16:07:41

Clarisonic is great for all skin-types and has def helped with pores around my nose.

It's a pretty big investment but I get a lot of compliments on my skin and (genuinely) pass for being about 10 years younger than I am.

For extra coverage I use L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base Primer. POREfessional did nothing for me.

Johnny5isAlive Sun 24-Jul-16 16:09:56

Anything with salicyclic acid will be your friend

hotdiggedy Sun 24-Jul-16 16:20:41

never use pore strips?! Why???

This is a very helpful thread. Can people give more info on these Clairsonic gadgets please?

thisisafakename Sun 24-Jul-16 16:25:04

You can take the pill up to menopause. It might help regulate your hormones, if this is hormonal.

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