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What is wrong with asking

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Flatstanley69 Sat 23-Jul-16 11:34:00

Someone to move from being parked across your drive?

That's it really. DH just returned from taking the little ones swimming and there is someone parked across our drive. There was plenty of space in front of our house to park so I'm not sure why they couldn't park there.

DH parked on the road and came in instead of asking them to move. WWYD in this situation?

branofthemist Sat 23-Jul-16 11:39:30

Honestly, unless it happens all the time and it wasn't a big deal to get into the house, I would park outside.

Maybe have a word when I see whichever neighbour it is.

Flatstanley69 Sat 23-Jul-16 11:45:12

Bran - to be honest we have been here a year. For first 6 months it was regular from next door neighbours and visitors. Despite them having a drive themselves. However they will only park one car on there and the other needs to be outside their house but not blocking their drive.

If they cannot get the space outside their house but not blocking their drive they will park in front of our house often blocking our drive.

Although this was not the next door neighbour but a visitor to next door but one.

mrsfuzzy Sat 23-Jul-16 11:45:36

depends if you have a dip in the kerb for your drive way,it's obstruction but hardly anything that matters if there is parking available pita though, had your car been blocked in though that would be a different matter.

Flatstanley69 Sat 23-Jul-16 11:47:53

Fuzzy - we do have a dropped kerb to our drive but I am now of the opinion that as we paid a lot of money for a car with a driveway we should be able to use it.

mrsfuzzy Sat 23-Jul-16 11:48:07

bran if you know who it is have a word or drop a note through the door, if it blocks you in perhaps speak to your local pcso, and they can have a word, worked for me and have had no problems since.

Witchend Sat 23-Jul-16 11:48:19

For me it happens lots. No idea why my drive is considered fine, except it's an angle and people genuinely don't notice.
People park there when the whole rest of the road is clear. :confused
I ask now. Most people apologise and move. We've had some rude responses to. Generally from the nurses that have to drop log books off at the house next door. I told next door about the rudest and I observe she seems to be no longer reporting to them...

CodyKing Sat 23-Jul-16 11:50:06

Windscreen notice using lipstick - it smears!

Flatstanley69 Sat 23-Jul-16 11:51:44

Witch - yes it is only my drive it happens to too. We had gates fitted yesterday to prevent people using it to turn as well. We have little ones and a big front garden and would not want an accident.

branofthemist Sat 23-Jul-16 11:51:47

You asked what I would do and that would be it.

I wouldn't leave the kids in the car or take them to the next door but one neighbour to ask them to move. I would get the kids and sort later.

Since its the first time this has happened with this neighbour and it's a visitor, I really wouldn't get in a flap about it.

What do you want him to do?

Flatstanley69 Sat 23-Jul-16 11:55:30

Bran - next door but one was out chatting so perfect opportunity. They regularly turn round in our drive and it's not the first time just not regular like next door.

branofthemist Sat 23-Jul-16 11:56:58

This seems to wind you up more than your dh. So why don't you do something?

Sparkletastic Sat 23-Jul-16 11:58:24

I'd give them an angry telling off and get them to move their car. Every time. I don't put up with shit since reaching my gifferhood.

Flatstanley69 Sat 23-Jul-16 12:02:15

Bran - thanks for the advice.
Giffer - I understand where your coming from and do like to get on with people but you give an inch and try to be neighbourly and you have people pulling onto your drive confused

Flatstanley69 Sat 23-Jul-16 12:03:22

Gofer blush meant sparkle

marblestatue Sat 23-Jul-16 12:24:52

A notice on the gate saying No Parking Or Turning?

JudyCoolibar Sat 23-Jul-16 12:33:12

Because I'm a bit of a wuss I'd settle for a polite note on the car.

pollylovespie Sat 23-Jul-16 12:34:23

Polite note on windscreen if a regular offender? Or a friendly word with neighbours? Though I am a bit pathetic so would probably just feel annoyed and do nothing!

Creatureofthenight Sat 23-Jul-16 12:37:40

If they were around or I knew who owned the car I would go and say, Please could you move your car as I need to get mine on the driveway.
Personally I would never park so that I'm blocking in someone's drive (unless I become an ambulance driver or something!)

MadamDeathstare Sat 23-Jul-16 12:43:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MintyLizzy9 Sat 23-Jul-16 12:51:20

I have this all the time. I no longer put up with it, if I need to get out or park I knock on the door if I know who it is if not I sit with my hand on the horn until some shifty driver reappears. The last one had the nerve to open my passenger door (total stranger no idea who he was) stick his head in and tell me how difficult parking is and he'd tried his best. He got an earful about how his best would be to park at the end of the road where there was plenty of space as I hadn't forked out for a drive to make his bloody life easier.

I stopped giving a hoot about good neighbour relations when it was perfectly clear that they didn't give a shit. I even had one neighbour watch me walk up her path when she had blocked me out and when I got near her door she dropped and rolled across her living room floor pretending she wasn't in dispite the massive bloody window. I just gently tapped on the glass and asked if she could get up and move her car, she at least had the grace to look embarrassed but not enough to apologise and asked if she could wait until it had stopped raining!

I only bought this house because it had a drive as its a very narrow cul de sac so wouldn't have even considered it otherwise so I'll be stuffed if I can't even use it because some numpty can't be arsed to walk 60 yards. I also get the rage when they use one side all day long to turn around! I've had people parked across it twice already today.

I'm turning into a younger better looking victor Meldrew when it comes to parking grin

My fave in hindsight was the couple parked on my drive, I went out to ask if I could help "oh no he said just waiting for me mate!"

"Is is robbing me"I asked,

"err no why would you say that"

"Why else would he be in my house without my knowledge?"

"He's not in your house"

"Then do piss off you cheeky sod this isn't an ncp it's my home"

He turns to his passenger and say bloody hell what's her problem.

I have to laugh, but you may see me on the evening news one night being dragged away!

Flatstanley69 Sat 23-Jul-16 13:28:12

Minty - love your response to people. I think I may have to adopt your stance.
I did say to DH, I didn't spend X amount of money on a house with a drive to not be able to use it.

Flatstanley69 Sat 23-Jul-16 13:29:15

Marble - I think now we have a gate I will put a notice on it.

MintyLizzy9 Sat 23-Jul-16 16:56:35

It has taken 10 years of piss takers for me to turn into this person, one day the switch flicked and never went back! Before that I would sit inside seething and planning my sweet sweet revenge if I ever plucked up the nerve

Once you get the first one out of the way it becomes second nature grin

wwyd123 Sat 23-Jul-16 18:45:58

If the car owner is outside chatting I beep (and wave and smile). I was blocked in by next doors wedding car and ds was late for a party but I didn't want to make a fuss (and wanted to see her in her dress).

If there was no one around I would just park up and move the car next time I was going out. I wouldn't go knocking on neighbours doors.

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