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To wonder what I can do about the people next door

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pleasemothermay1 Fri 22-Jul-16 23:31:21

We both lived here for about two years they started off with one dog

That barked and barked until we said somthing it came to a head one night when the dog barked non stop from 10 till about 5 the next morning and dh went round and gave them hell has a nurse so needs to make sure he's safe for work he just come off a double shit was knacked and was shaking he was so tired

Then roll on 14 months they have 3 dogs witch they don't walk they also allow the poo to form a lovey little pile in the back left Corner in the garden
So you can just imagine the flies and the stink over the last couple of days

They then got a forth dog so they have Alsatian, two saffs and what's looks like a pit bull looked out of my daughters window they have another puppy witch makes 5 fuckings dogs our garden is not more then 10ft

How m any dogs can one person need why would they need 5 fucking dogs we live in a glorified bungalow the gardens tiney and they don't walk any of them in the two years we have lived here I have never seen them walk any of the dogs ever or has my husband or son

pleasemothermay1 Fri 22-Jul-16 23:31:57

What can I do about the number of dogs they now have and what the fuck do I do if they get a 6th

TheUnsullied Fri 22-Jul-16 23:36:30

Eep. Erm. The best suggestion I have is the environmental health officer. Maybe get them involved about the dog mess? And a noise complaint to the council about noise levels at unsociable hours. It's an uphill battle though. Unless they're tenants and aren't supposed to have pets. Then I'd get sly and put these complaints through the landlord instead.

Griphook Fri 22-Jul-16 23:37:31

Do you share a garden? Why do you think it's a pit bull? Can you move?

Mouikey Fri 22-Jul-16 23:37:42

This sounds ridiculous, but from memory there is some case law about the need for planning permission over a certain number of dogs in a house... I think it may be six though - you could probably Google it.

You could also ask Environmental Health for advice and keep a written record as evidence.

spongebob5 Fri 22-Jul-16 23:38:31

Could you contact the RSPCA and/or local council? There are a few issues, the dog mess & the flies which is ? An environmental health issue & also the noise. Can you keep a diary about the noise ( barking) how long it goes on for ? Would other neighbours support your complaint? Also the welfare of these poor dogs , doesn't sound like they are being well cared for .

ohtheholidays Fri 22-Jul-16 23:41:47

Enviromental health about the Dog mess.

Speak to your council about the noise,some people have been given asbos in the past believe or not because of the noise created by they're pets.

Ring the RSPCA for the poor Dogs sakes there's no way having that many Dogs that aren't ever walked and have that small a garden is any good for any of the Dog's if the Dog mess situation is really bad they'll have a go at them about that as well.

You can ring the RSPCA without giving your name as well.

foursillybeans Fri 22-Jul-16 23:44:51

I would probably start with the RSPCA because despite the anti social neighbours side of it those dogs don't sound well looked after.

Notcontent Sat 23-Jul-16 00:05:07

I think the RSPCS has quite limited powers unless there is very obvious cruelty. I think you should contact the council.

I love dogs but I really do think there should be some licensing system to prevent this kind of thing...

DesolateWaist Sat 23-Jul-16 00:12:10

Do you know if they own or rent?

TheUnsullied Sat 23-Jul-16 00:12:48

RSPCA does have quite feeble powers sadly, especially when owners aren't overtly cruel to animals. Still worth a report alongside the other avenues you try though. If nothing else, they'll definitely get the hint that they've pissed someone off.

AcrossthePond55 Sat 23-Jul-16 00:16:01

Don't know about there but here most municipalities have a cap on dogs (usually 3) unless you have a kennel license. I'd start by finding out if your town has some similar type of law.

JellyBelly89 Sat 23-Jul-16 05:50:00

I can have as many dogs as I like, never heard of anyone under any restrictions (I know someone with 8).

Bocolatechiscuit Sat 23-Jul-16 07:25:11

Sorry, I didn't get further than the dh's 'double shit' that left him 'knacked and shaking he was so tired'. grin Childish, I know, sorry...

Marthacliffscumbag Sat 23-Jul-16 07:28:37

I'm assuming they own rather than rent? In which case your only hope is complaining to the council about the smell etc. the RSPCA won't be interested.

lastqueenofscotland Sat 23-Jul-16 07:29:19

Don't bother with the rspca, you may as well go and ask a total stranger on the street to help they are shite.

I'd get in touch with local dog warden ( council will have one) and they will come round about nuisance barking

mypropertea Sat 23-Jul-16 07:34:21

Download the noise app and report them every time they are noisy in antisocial hours (11pm-7am). The council will dend them a letter saying they have to be quiet or loose there pets. Not shore what to do about the smell though!

exLtEveDallas Sat 23-Jul-16 07:36:43

The RSPCA are a waste of time.

Your neighbours can have as many dogs as they want; I have a friend with 10 and another with 5.

If the dogs are barking constantly you should talk to the neighbours and see if they realise and will do something about it. If they won't then you could contact Environmental Health/Noise Abatement but will have to have 'proof' (a recording or somesuch) for them to act.

Maybe they walk the dogs when you are out or asleep - my brother used to walk his dog at midnight and 6 am because she was reactive to other dogs.

You could mention the poo to your neighbours as the same time as you mention the barking, maybe they don't realise how much of an issue it is.

exLtEveDallas Sat 23-Jul-16 07:39:20

Oh I've just realise the neighbours have already sorted out the barking issue That barked and barked until we said something

Well that's good isn't it. Just go round and mention the poo and hopefully they will sort that out too.

insancerre Sat 23-Jul-16 07:40:38

Phone the dog warden at your local council
Ours is very helpful and helped with our dickhead neighbours who were letting their dogs foul in our garden and on the path in our street

mummyto2monkeys Sat 23-Jul-16 07:43:21

Do you own your own home? If you do, check the deeds to your house, there is stipulation in our deeds that there should only be one dog per home. It also stipulates that a license would need to be applied for/or to run a business e.g kennels/dog groomers. I would contact your local council for information, no wonder the poor dogs bark all the time!

If it's a housing association/ council/ private landlord I would contact them to find out if there is anything they can do to help.

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Sat 23-Jul-16 07:50:52

boco me too! 😂😂

Oakmaiden Sat 23-Jul-16 07:51:56

Is the barking still an issue?

There are instances of people getting asbos/fined for not clearing up dog mess in their garden. Also if the dogs are causing a noise/smell issue the owner can be required to reduce the number they own. According to Mr Google. As suggested above, try talking to environmental health.

Foslady Sat 23-Jul-16 08:02:06

Someone in our local paper has just been fined for not clearing dog mess in their garden (don't know the ins and outs but it came up on my FB feed from the papers own page). Also if they are renting there may be a clause in about pet ownership

LaserShark Sat 23-Jul-16 08:06:20

I have a thread in the doghouse regarding a possible pitbull next door to me as it is a banned breed. In my case I am very worried as the dog is not being looked after properly and frequently escapes. If you think it's a pitbull you can email a photo to your dog wardens along with your other concerns and they will step in if necessary.

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