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To ask ex for ds's presents back

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notagainnellie Fri 22-Jul-16 22:15:44

It was ds's birthday this week and as usual I invited ex round for tea but he also agreed to swap his overnight to that night as I needed to attend the leaving do of a very long standing colleague.

I left them all at mine when I left for the do knowing ex would be taking them back to his. When I got home I saw that they had taken with them a few of the craft sets I had got for Ds. The thing is I had been really looking forward to doing them with D's, especially as the summer hold are here and I always struggle to adjust at first, as do the children, so find sets like these really useful.

So would I be unreasonable to ask for them back when I drop the DC off in the morning? I never want the DC to not take their stuff where they want but I was looking forward to us doing them and while ex was at mine with them he just left them on screens as usual but then he takes the stuff I got.

He got Ds nothing BTW. He is hard up but Ds would have worshipped a ten pack of shopkins which he could have saved a couple of quid a week for if necessary.


KellyBoo800 Fri 22-Jul-16 22:26:51

YANBU. Maybe a text as a heads up?

"Just a quick thought, I noticed you took a few of the craft bits back with you - I have no problem with them bringing toys to yours and I'm sure you only did it because DS wanted his new toys with him, but I was really looking forward to doing them with him. I got them from X shop if you wanted to get some to keep at yours?"

Chances are DS did just want to take his new toys with him - what kid would want to be separated from their presents on their birthday? But you should definitely ask for them back!

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