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Missing school jumpers - to still be irrationally pissed off about this!

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RumblingOn Thu 21-Jul-16 23:31:47

Bought DS (Yr1 and still 5 so at young end) 2 new school jumpers after Easter hols named with permanent marker. One went missing on the 1st day he wore it, 2nd the following week. We are not allowed in classrooms so asked teacher to look out for them, still not turned up a few weeks later after re checking lost property so asked again. Teacher then gave me a jumper with no name in and which was obviously an older one, saying that I could have that instead to shut me up!

DS does take his jumper off most days (don't bother sending him in with one on warmer days) and I agree that he does forget to bring them out and I had no problem with this as he would normally bring a few home in one go a few days later but the new ones have never turned up. Teacher says it is his responsibility but my issue is that another child/ren has obviously taken them home and they have not been returned despite his name being in big letters on the label and written into the collar.

I am still steaming that they have been pretty much been nicked! His older well washed jumpers have always turned up, but not the nice fluffy obviously new ones.

Pissed off that I have essentially bought jumpers for another child, and financially we really struggle for money, so DS has been wearing old washed out ones!

AIBU to eye the other parents in DS's class with suspicion?

RumblingOn Thu 21-Jul-16 23:35:58

Just to add the jumper that DS's teacher gave me has also disappeared. It was not new but not old/scruffy IYKWIM.

I have just had to buy him 3 more new jumpers today which just pissed me off again slightly!

EastMidsMummy Thu 21-Jul-16 23:39:23

It's annoying, but what do you expect the school to do?

Balletgirlmum Thu 21-Jul-16 23:40:53

In the end I had a strategy (& I still do this with Ds in secondary if need be) that if he came out without his jumper or othe essential item he went back into school with me if necessary, & doesn't come back out again until he found it regardless of how long it takes.

Onesieisthequeensselfie Thu 21-Jul-16 23:42:31

No advice but sympathise. How bloody annoying!

Middleoftheroad Thu 21-Jul-16 23:44:16

It is annoying. Happened to us lots. I was a regular in lost propery.
Now I just buy cheaper/worn ones so it's not so heartbreaking when a £15 branded new jumper goes AWOL. It's just what happens unfortunately..

RumblingOn Thu 21-Jul-16 23:44:54

Nothing EastMids that was not my AIBU!

Ballet we did this with the 2nd new jumper and the newer replacement from the teacher. Teacher went in with him. There were no jumpers there. Someone had obviously taken them in error already.

I would have expected them to be returned eventually though!

SharonfromEON Thu 21-Jul-16 23:44:55

Can I suggest the sew in labels..Much easier to find them and not mix them up..

Also I find if he comes home without one sending him in the next day without one seems to help him find it ...

RumblingOn Thu 21-Jul-16 23:46:21

Not if it has been taken home by someone else Sharon.

RumblingOn Thu 21-Jul-16 23:47:45

Jumpers HAVE to be branded and can only be bought from school.

unimagmative13 Thu 21-Jul-16 23:48:04

But they don't just take them home to wear at the weekend, if you sow in labels then it could be returned or someone will see the name when it gets put down. Surely marker washes out!

BeMorePanda Thu 21-Jul-16 23:48:11

Dds entire PE kit went missing first term.

Eventually another mum called me and said she had it, very sorry and she would drop it back. It never turned up so I called to ask her to please leave it at school.
Oh I gave it to your childminder she says. Childminder ( very reliable) has never received it. "Oh well I probably gave to to the children's father then". What?

Needless to say it was never seen again.

It feels slightly ridiculous but I still get annoyed thinking about it.

Monochromecat Thu 21-Jul-16 23:49:51

When I'm st the end of my tether with lost jumpers I just send them to school in na non-uniform jumper. Remember, they don't HAVE to wear uniform in primary. The jumper seems to get found quite quickly...

Balletgirlmum Thu 21-Jul-16 23:49:54

I've got a tracker disc on ds PE bag!

RumblingOn Fri 22-Jul-16 00:14:18

Permanent marker doesn't come out. It hasn't on his other jumpers and we have some from still from last year always washed after one wear. Sewn in labels can be ripped out, experience of that with older DC's school fleeces with the label outline still visible!

I actually consider it theft, same as if someone took my cardigan at work for e.g. It seems to be rife in schools unchallenged.

Clearly states on prospectus that only logoed jumpers are allowed.

I'm irked because they were brand new ones, not so bothered about older ones going missing which haven't.

An older DC's new coat disappeared one winter and another child turned up clearly wearing it. School would not get involved. Lots of jumpers/PE kit as well with them as well.

Thinking about it if items disappear on school property, should they have any responsibility considering they are the one's insisting all children wear the same clothing?

Middleoftheroad Fri 22-Jul-16 07:01:42

I don't see how school could possibly keep track of every missing garment. There's 90 pupils per year at ours! Mostly they're just missing and in lost property but I agree that when yr brand new jumper isnt in LP either it does grate.
Tracker disc - genius grin

green18 Fri 22-Jul-16 07:35:31

This is SO annoying and happened to my DDs throughout school. If it was left at school it wasn't a problem it was other chn taking it home and parents keeping them. Mine always had iron on name labels. Teachers at their school would ask chn to go home and check they didn't have it, they never got returned. I just wonder what goes on in some peoples' homes. The couple of times my DDs brought home another childs jumper or PE top, I would know instantly(reek of fabric conditioner normally as I don't use it) and return it in a plastic bag with my child the next day.

longdiling Fri 22-Jul-16 07:39:53

What some parents at our kids school do is get their name embroidered underneath the school badge. I don't think it costs much but obviously it makes the jumper instantly identifiable as your child's and unwearable by anyone else.

teacher54321 Fri 22-Jul-16 07:53:22

When I worked in a boarding school all kit had to have the child's initials and boarding house sewn underneath the school crest-there were special name tapes you had to have printed. This meant that no one could pinch someone else's kit, and there was no lost property as you could immediately return it to the correct boarding house. I'm sure it was a PITA for the parents, but stopped £££ of kit going missing.

redexpat Fri 22-Jul-16 08:17:53

I have read some top tips on here.

Sewing a name tape at the front of the neckline so dc can just flip the edge up to check it's their own jumper on.

Name embroidered under the crest.

Name embroidered on the back of the neck so everyone who can read can see it.

Name tape in a sleeve, as most people dont look there so if someone rips out the one at the neck there is another one.

Arkwright Fri 22-Jul-16 09:09:54

There is a similar thread in primary education regarding cardigans. You need to send your child back in straight away to get their left jumper. The majority of the time it's when they get left that they go missing. It's your child's responsibility not the teachers.

HoneyDragon Fri 22-Jul-16 09:17:12

It's lost property where they get nicked by shithead parents who just take a nice new looking one. Like others have said the only sure fire way is to stand there till child has it, once it's in LP it's at risk of disappearing; but this isn't possibly for your child minder to do.

If it's a state primary you can buy a plain jumper. They can ask you to make him wear a logo one and you are able to to tell them no. smile

blackheartsgirl Fri 22-Jul-16 09:23:38

I sanction my 9 year old dd if she comes out of school without her cardigan. I wouldn't mind if it was the odd jumper or cardi but she was losing them every week. She'd fling them anywhere carelessly, leave them outside in the rain and in the dinner hall and then shrug her shoulders. she had a bag to put them in but didn't use them. So I stopped her pocket money, grounded her, she lost priveledges. It worked, she's a lot more thoughful about her belongings now

sandbagsatdawn Fri 22-Jul-16 09:25:24

I've taken an unlabelled jumper out of lost property before when our carefully labelled one has gone missing. In my opinion if you are stupid enough not to label them then you don't deserve to get it back. Mine were carefully labelled and obviously been nicked by somebody (this is after much checking by child, teacher and myself) Two wrongs don't make a right but that unlabelled one was never going to find it's way home.

Schwabischeweihnachtskanne Fri 22-Jul-16 09:29:02

YANBU to be pissed off, but eying parents with suspician is a bit odd - if parents are not allowed in the class rooms its the kids nicking the jumpers!

Another problem that just doesn't happen where there are no school uniforms! (Coats occassionally go missing but the only time they haven't eventually turned up has been at secondary, when it might have been nicked but was still DDs fault really for leaving it lying about).

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