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to think I need more than one internship?

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CoolToned Thu 21-Jul-16 21:36:27

I am currently back in uni for my masters, and I have recently started a one-year (2x/week) internship at a top company. It is considered a very good internship experience in my industry.

I have official 8 days of leave within the year - should I use that to try to get a one-month internship somewhere else?

Is one very good internship enough? I changed fields so my past experience does not really count towards the new field - when I graduate, I'm going to start from the bottom.

Flowersandjellybeans Sat 23-Jul-16 02:01:32

It's difficult to say without knowing what industry it is.

I think the best thing you can do is focus on being amazing at your one internship. If it's a great company and you've put everything into it then you might even be able to land a junior role there one your masters is complete?

A glowing reference and an amazing portfolio/track record/whatever when you leave will obviously be invaluable.

However, if the internship doesn't cover everything you want to learn about, a month somewhere else might be worthwhile? For example, if you're working for a creative agency, and really want to work in the charitable sector but the agency has no charity clients, a month at a relevant agency could well be useful.

Can you give us the industry?

CoolToned Sat 23-Jul-16 03:21:05

Information and Technology

NisekoWhistler Sat 23-Jul-16 03:43:32

I would say there is no need to get the second internship. Tech companies also want well rounded individuals who have hobbies or travel etc not to say you're are t well rounded. But remember all work and no play.

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