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AIBU?? Does this curtain pole exist?

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MoonStar07 Thu 21-Jul-16 13:16:00

Arghhh it's killing me! I need new curtains for two sets of bay windows. Now the window goes all the way to the top of the bay. What is my curtain rail option? They are upvc Windows. AIBU to be so mad? I can't find a rail anywhere help needed. I have thought about blinds but once again I don't know how to do the fastenings etc

Oldraver Thu 21-Jul-16 13:20:27

Do you specifically want a pole or just a rail ? I have a similar problem in that I need a ceiling fixing pole..they are out there but mine is a straight run so the fixing will be just after the first curtain eyelet.

I know there are poles for bays though not sure if ceiling fittings are possible.

Rails are easy...but we need to know if its a pole or rail you want

eurochick Thu 21-Jul-16 13:27:21

Pole will be tough. A rail is easy - you just need a flexible ceiling fix one. We got ours from Amazon.

665TheNeighbourOfTheBeast Thu 21-Jul-16 13:29:44

ikea do a flexible pole
and next a sectional bay window kit
although I'm not quite sure if they are what you meant - neither are flat tracks - is that right?

branofthemist Thu 21-Jul-16 13:31:01

Mum had a to get a rail for her bay window.

Then she swopped to fitted blinds.

BorpBorpBorp Thu 21-Jul-16 13:32:03

Swish do a flexible track for windows, but it's a track not a pole, so you'd need curtain hooks.

MoonStar07 Thu 21-Jul-16 13:32:39

I'm thinking a rail might be best then. How do blinds work? I'll take a pic. Gosh I'm so glad there is a solution out there. I'll look at Nexts kit too. Maybe ceiling fix is required.

t4gnut Thu 21-Jul-16 13:33:16

John Lewis helped me with a similar issue. Main problem was not the bend with a ceiling mounted pole, but the weight that the ceiling had to take and if you're fixing into plasterboard there's a good risk with weight of the pole and curtains that the plasterboard won't hold it.

PovertyPain Thu 21-Jul-16 13:34:00

As 665 says, Ikea does rails. You can get fittings that attach the rail to the cealing.

SouperSal Thu 21-Jul-16 13:35:00

You can get window blinds that fit into the Windows (no drilling) rather than hanging in front of them. They're pretty awesome.

KayTee87 Thu 21-Jul-16 13:37:33

Most of my windows are bay and we used flexible rails. I don't have blinds as we have privacy so not an issue but if you need them then 3 separate flitted against the window blinds should work?

HuskyLover1 Thu 21-Jul-16 13:49:28

You can hang roman blinds with velcro. If your bay window has 3 windows, the obviously that would require 3 blinds. I wouldn't have even thought of this, until a professional hung a blind like it. You can buy strips of velcro at Asda for about £1 (you'll need more than one pack).

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